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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 4 Recap

Because of He Daye’s resignation, Liu Dan deliberately arrived late and left early. When he came to the company at noon, he happened to hear colleagues backing Lin Weina’s new employee code, so he challenged her on the spot and insinuated her dictatorship. Lin Weina was dissatisfied with Liu Dan’s attitude and wanted to use salary and expulsion as threats. She didn’t expect Liu Dan to care at all. Instead, she followed He Daye and took up lipstick and wrote her resignation on the office window.

After leaving the company building, Liu Dan took Luo Chang to dinner. After talking about his resignation, he talked about his private life. Knowing that Luo Chang is a divorced person, Liu Dan, in order to be able to express his own difference, put out He Daye’s commonly used theories to show off. As a result, he actually played off, provoking Luo Chang into a rage, and even the bill was not settled. , Turned around and left.

Zhang Meng accompanies Zhang Yangyang to take a walk, and unexpectedly finds that the children in the community are reluctant to come close to play. Just as Zhang Yangyang felt lost, Shu Ying and her new husband Wang Haitao came to the door and asked Wang Haitao to take Zhang Yangyang to buy ice cream, and she returned the money to Zhang Meng. However, Zhang Meng died to save face, and Shu Ying knew that his life was not easy now, so she simply handed over the money to her son.

After the last wedding, He Daye divided the money he made among Liu Dan and Shi Tao, and kept a small part of it himself. Considering that He Daye has no job now, and neither of them is willing to accept it, but He Daye has already made a response and found an excuse for them to accept the money.

Jiajia made a bet with her friends and deliberately approached Shi Tao and took a photo of him kissing herself. After Shi Tao woke up in the bar, he had to agree to go shopping with Jiajia and talked about He Daye by the way. After all, Jiajia belonged to someone who came over, and she simply analyzed for Shi Tao that the main reason He Daye did not accept him was his age. Shi Tao instantly ignited hope because of why Daye actually liked him.

In order to let Shi Tao integrate into He Daye’s life, Jiajia took the initiative to spend money to change him into a mature style of clothes. Because of this action, Shi Tao left angrily, thinking that Jiajia had taken him up as a little white face, until Jiajia explained the reason, and then reluctantly accepted the clothes.

Even though he has been intimate with He Daye for so many years, Luo Chang still can’t understand He Daye’s temperament, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and sometimes inexplicably shut the door and shut him out. When Luo Chang accompanies He Daye, he always has a feeling of companionship like a tiger. In addition, he made mistakes first, so in the days that followed, the two people’s way of getting along with each other was very strange, one caring. One cautiously.

It was relatively fresh at first, but after a long time, Luo Chang was a little overwhelmed. In addition to smiling hippies in front of everyone during the day, he would feel lonely at night. Losing the person waiting for him to return home, Luo Chang could only go to the bar to get drunk. He didn’t expect that he was completely carried in the hands of a woman today. That night the woman took Luo Chang to He Daye’s house and officially staged a Shura field.

He Daye was treated as Luo Chang’s mother by a woman, and he was extremely unhappy and drove him away directly. Luo Chang felt that He Daye had restarted a relationship and used various extreme ways to express his jealousy. Seeing Luo Chang getting more and more naive, He Daye couldn’t help but explode in anger. Luo Chang realized that he was too much, so he quickly apologized to her and even said that he would raise He Daye for the rest of his life.

However, Luo Chang’s self-righteousness is quite ridiculous in He Daye’s eyes. Perhaps this job is nothing to Luo Chang, but it is all of him. A 32-year-old divorced woman, except for let Apart from living a wonderful life, he has no illusions about men at all. That night, He Daye saw that Luo Chang was drinking uncomfortably, so he stayed by his side to take care of him. At the same time, he remembered the scene of Luo Chang attending a bachelor party before marriage.

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