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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 22 Recap

The forensic department’s report has been issued. The letter of complaint written by fake Hank used the printing paper of the Friendly Hospital, and the printing paper was covered with Gnuwen fingerprints. Evidence shows that the letter was printed with a needle printer of the Youhao Hospital, and the inspection room with a needle printer is usually used by Gnuwen. As evidenced, Gnuwen was panicked. As a result, the female lawyer left the scene under the excuse of physical pain. According to federal law, there is no lawyer present and the suspect has the right to remain silent. John and his colleagues had to wait. Before going out to work, the medical team took a look at Li Tiancheng together. Zhou Yue did not speak to him.

The medical team went door-to-door to convince the villagers to vaccinate, but most of the villagers let them eat closed doors, and some of them even pushed Zhou Yue, causing her to fall. The medical team could only return in disappointment, but Ye Hong found that he liked this challenging life very much, and Zhou Yue also learned a lot from this difficult foreign aid experience. When they came back from work outside, Liao Yu and Zhou Yue found that everyone was not there. Wu Xin explained that Ye Hong was too tired and went to take a bath first. Huo Xiang also talked to Wang Xiaocong. When Zhou Yue and Liao Yu heard that they stopped eating, they immediately got up and left the restaurant.

Huo Xiang here was going to talk to Wang Xiaocong, but before he started talking, Wang Xiaocong was emotionally abnormal, which caused Huo Xiang and his conversation to collapse from the beginning. Now Wang Xiao is clever and depressed, but he still doesn’t admit it. Huo Xiang wanted to call Wang Xiaocong’s father, and Wang Xiaocong’s nerves were touched. He immediately stood up and objected, but at the same time he also clutched his stomach and wailed.

Ye Hong and Huo Xiang saw that something was wrong with him, and immediately helped him to the emergency room. Ye Hong was worried and restless outside, and at one time wondered if Wang Xiaocong had pancreatic cancer. Li Tiancheng said a correct nonsense irrespective of his own affairs, and Zhou Yue glared at him.

Huo Xiang and Liao Yu came out after the diagnosis and treatment for him, their faces were heavy, which made Ye Hong think that he really had some incurable disease. As a result, everyone discovered that he was suffering from functional constipation, which caused suspected depression. Ye Hong, Qiao Yuqian, and Wu Xin were taking care of him while laughing at him and his stomach hurts.

Wang Xiaocong said that there was an earthquake as soon as he came to Zal Island. Just after the earthquake, Mr. Xie had another accident. Later, Zhou Yue was kidnapped again. It is no wonder that his body is in a state of affairs. Qiao Yuqian comforted him, and when he got better, she would find someone to chat with him and let him resolve the negative emotions. Wang Xiaocong was happy and learned that the chat partner was not her, and he suddenly looked like a discouraged ball.

Gnuwen didn’t eat or drink. John reminded him to tell him honestly again. The lawyer An Fannie made trouble with his physical pain. Finally, John couldn’t help but let his hands find An Fannie’s details. The medical team continued to do ideological work for them from house to house, persuading them to vaccinate them. With their perseverance and unremitting efforts, many villagers gradually accepted the resistance from the initial resistance.

After investigating An Fanny’s family background, John found that her background is very complicated, and she is the illegitimate daughter of An Wanhao, but it is precisely because of her complicated background that it is not easy to persuade her. John and his men turned to Dr. Ruan. Dr. Ruan thought he had really found out the secrets between himself and Ganuwen, and finally decided to explain them all.

After Dr. Ruan was taken back to the police station, he honestly explained what he knew. This incident is very bombarded. Once exposed, its influence will probably blow up half of Zal Island. John showed Dr. Ruan’s confession to Anfenni and Ganuwen. Anfenni didn’t look right and asked to talk to Ganuwen alone. She asked Gnuwen to tell her all the truth so that she could help him, but Gnuwen refused. He thought that no one could help him in this matter.

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