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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 21 Recap

After Zhou Yue opened the door, Li Tiancheng hugged her to comfort and relaxed Zhou Yue into a coma. Li Tiancheng didn’t notice the fake Hank behind him, and was dragged back by his neck. The two were entangled in the narrow aisle. Tiancheng was distracted by worrying about Zhou Yue and was stabbed in the back by fake Hank. John and his companions arrived at the right time, and the fake Hank immediately left Li Tiancheng to escape. Zhou Yue fell asleep for a day and night before waking up. Liao Yu roughly talked about the current situation of the Youhao Hospital, and said that Huo Xiang had returned and had arranged things properly. They also knew about the polio epidemic, and blamed Zhou Yue for hiding it from them.

Li Tiancheng was injured, but his life was not in danger. Zhou Yue tidyed up her appearance, took a deep breath, went upstairs and walked into the ward, greeted Li Tiancheng on the bed, and when she found him asleep, she tiptoed up to the bed. Li Tiancheng was still dripping his hands, Zhou Yue lightly covered him with a thin quilt, and greeted him again, but he still didn’t get a response. Li Tiancheng was injured because he saved Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue felt helpless and distressed. He blamed him for desperately trying to save himself, causing the injury to lie on the hospital bed. Liang Kaili came to see Tiancheng and reminded Zhou Yue by the way that Li Tiancheng is a romantic and casual man, not suitable for her kind of self-sacrificing woman.

After listening to Liang Kaili’s words, Zhou Yue fell into silence for a while, because of Li Tiancheng’s sacrifice, Zhou Yue finally opened his heart to him, and now he became hesitant again. Zhou Yue received a call and was about to go to the meeting room for a meeting, but the meeting room was empty. Zhou Yue turned on the lights, and everyone from the medical team showed up with a birthday cake, wishing Zhou Yue a happy birthday. When Zhou Yue looked at the date, she realized that today was her birthday. She was moved by everyone’s intentions and thanked for her escape. On her birthday, Zhou Yue called her parents. Even though she felt wronged in her heart, she said nothing but said that everything was okay.

Huo Xiang convened a meeting in the conference room, indicating that Linshui Village did indeed have an outbreak of polio, but it was not a new type. The fake Hank was cunning and fled back to his pirate den, but the police did not catch him. The escape of the fake Hank made everyone very worried. The existence of a person like him would only pose a threat to many people. After the meeting, Zhou Yue and Huo Xiang alone proposed improperly as the deputy captain of the medical team. But after this incident, Huo Xiang was optimistic about her and believed that she was capable of being the deputy captain of the medical team. Liang Kaili personally fed Li Tiancheng to dinner in the ward, Qiao Yuqian kindly went to see him, and when she saw Liang Kaili, she immediately turned and left.

The special operations team began a thorough investigation of the Department of Health and the Police Department, and the Director of the Department of Health Xiao Kan was taken away. Except for Wang Xiaocong, everyone in the medical team started to work on intensive vaccines in the village, which made Wang Xiaocong very depressed. Qiao Yuqian and Liang Kaili had a quarrel. Liang Kaili knew she was spoiled, and deliberately choked on her if she was unsatisfactory.

Qiao Yuqian was angry and left, while Liang Kaili went back to the ward and complained to Li Tiancheng. When the medical team returned from a trip, Ye Hong worried about Wang Xiaocong and went to see him immediately. Liao Yu asked if she had gone to see Li Tiancheng. Zhou Yue was quite dissatisfied because Liang Kaili always took care of him, and did not see him after he woke up.

Dr. Gnuwen was detained at the police station. The police questioned him as required. Gnuwen refused to say anything. He also said that he did not know anything about the so-called underground passing room of the Friendly Hospital. His lawyer Anfenni asked them to release the police because the police failed to find evidence.

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