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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 34 Recap

Shao Yuhan found Mi Ha and said that the institute where Xiaoman had treated Xiaoman was recruiting interns. He thought Mi Ha was very suitable, so he gave Mi Ha the information and asked him to think about it. Mi Ha was overjoyed. This has always been a dream of her school days. Naturally, there was no reason to refuse. The conversation between the two was seen by Shen Jianan.

When Shen Jianan went back, she told Shen Jianing that Mi Hao and Shao Yuhan had a very close conversation, and the two even thought that Mi Hao deliberately prevented Xing Kelei from coming to the hospital to visit Shen Jianing. Soon, there were rumors circulating in the hospital. This time there was a scandal between Mi Ha and Shao Yuhan, saying that the relationship between Mi Ha and Shao Yuhan was unusual. After Xiaoxiao reminded him, Mi Ha only realized it later.

The rumors spread throughout the hospital, and even Chen Tao knew about it. Shao Yuhan asked Mi Yan what he planned to do. Mi Yan wanted to clarify the matter, but she hadn’t figured out how to say it. Suddenly she had an idea and said if Shao Yuhan has a genuine girlfriend. Bring a genuine girlfriend to the hospital for a round of clarification, but Shao Yuhan has nothing to say.

But in the afternoon, Shao Yuhan asked Xing Kayao to come to the hospital. After Xing Kayao got to the hospital and learned of the rumors, he went to the ward to visit the Shen sisters. When they saw Xing Kayao, the Shen sisters were like a mouse. Like a cat, he behaved incomparably well-behaved in front of Xing Kayao. Xing Kayao ordered a few words from the two of them to make Shen Jianing treat the illness well, and don’t think about things that shouldn’t be considered.

The special police contest began. At the end of the contest, the results of the three teams were comparable. In the end, only the team match and Xing Kelai’s individual match were in the afternoon. In the individual match, Xing Kelai’s hands tremble again, and he was in individual shooting. Lost to Zhuang Zhiwen in the competition.

After the match, the leaders announced the results of the match. The Panthers took the first place in the team competition, but Xing Kelei missed the individual shooting championship, but Xing Kelei was not discouraged and agreed with Zhuang Zhiwen to fight again next year. Xing Kelei wanted to call Mi Hao first, but Xing Keyao called Xing Keyi first. The Shen sisters were tortured in the hospital, looking for Mi Ha’s fault, and even fabricating Mi Ha and Shao Yuhan’s scandal in the hospital. ,

This makes Xing Keyao very angry. Xing Keyao asked Xing Keyi what he planned to do. Xing Keyi couldn’t bear to verbally verbally towards Shen’s daughter, so he could only ask Xing Keyai for help.

Shen Jianan made a big fuss in the hospital. Mi Yan was pressed by the Shen family sisters, and she no longer tolerated the two, and asked Xiaoxiao to call someone from the Security Department to take Shen Jianan away. Mi Yan warned Shen Jianan that she would be fine , But she is not afraid of things. If she bullies people again, she won’t let Shen Jianan make rumors again, and she will call the police. Soon after Mi Jia left, people from the Security Department came.

While pulling, Xing Kelei and Xing Keyao also arrived at the hospital. They happened to see Shen Jianan being taken away by the Security Department. Shen Jianing still wanted to quibble. Fortunately, the patient beside him. Speaking on behalf of Mi Ha, Xing Kelei was very disappointed with the Shen family sisters, so he left and did not want to take care of it anymore.

Xing Keyao stayed to clean up the mess and warned the Shen sisters that even if Xing Kelei did not have Mi Ha by his side, Shen Jianing would never be Xing Kelei’s. Girlfriend, she has arranged Shen Jianing’s follow-up rehabilitation treatment, and she has also found a job for Shen Jianan. She and Xing Kelei will repay the kindness of the Shen team, but the Shen sisters should not challenge her and Xing Kelei’s bottom line.

After solving the matter of the Shen family sisters, Xing Kelei wanted to have dinner with Mi Ha, but Ruan Qingxia called Mi Ha in the middle of the time. His tone was very irritable. Mi Ha guessed that it should be Shu Wenbo’s matter, so he rushed home to comfort him. Ruan Qingxia is here.

After Xing Kelei learned that it was Shu Wenbo, he said that he would schedule Shu Wenbo out tomorrow to teach him how to fall in love. Shu Wenbo talked about the date with Ruan Qingxia last night, and both Mi Yan and Xing Kelei had a headache. The two had never seen such a person who could not fall in love. As Xing Kelei found out that it was raining outside, he let Shu Wenbo hurried to buy an umbrella to pick Ruan Qingxia from get off work.

Shu Wenbo stupidly bought two umbrellas. Xing Kele hated iron for not making steel. He took away one more umbrella before letting Shu Wenbo leave. As a result, Shu Wenbo only gave Ruan Qingxia an umbrella, and walked outside the umbrella, which made Ruan Qingxia angry. When Ruan Qingxia went to the bathroom, Xing Kelei taught Shu Wenbo a few more words to let Shu Wenbo take the initiative to Ruan Qingxia.

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