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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 33 Recap

Xiaoxiao told Mi Ha that Xing Kelei had come, and after Xing Kelei came, the rumors in the hospital disappeared. Mi Ha guessed what Xing Kelei did, and was very happy. When Ruan Qingxia arrived at the company, she received a toy sent to her by the pervert. She directly threw it away in disgust. The colleague advised her to go home early and stop posting on Weibo, but Ruan Qingxia didn’t want to be led by the pervert. .

Shu Wenbo also tried to buy toys for Ruan Qingxia before, but he was embarrassed to give Ruan Qingxia in person, so he forwarded the courier to Ruan Qingxia’s house. After receiving the SMS, he went downstairs to Ruan Qingxia’s house and wanted to see it. Ruan Qingxia’s reaction, but who knows Ruan Qingxia thought it was sent to him abnormally, so he threw the courier away, which made Shu Wenbo, who was observing in the dark, sad.

Shen Jianing was about to have an operation, but she suddenly resisted the operation and prevented the nurse from taking her temperature. She got out of the quilt when Xing Kelei came, and pitifully told Xing Kelei that Shen Jianan was missing, and Mi Ha saw it. Let the two of them talk alone, Shen Jianing pretended to be worried about his sister, Xing Kelei patiently persuaded her to do the inspection first, and then Shen Jianing nodded.

After Xing Kelei came out, he apologized to Mi Ha with some guilt. Mi Ha did not blame him, and offered to take care of Shen Jianing with Xing Kele tonight. In fact, Shen Jianing deliberately moved Shen Jianan away in order to keep Xing Kelei. She told Shen Jianan that if Xing Kelei sent a message, she said that she was under too much pressure to leave first, and she asked her to move Xing Kelei to stay and take good care of him. Shen Jianing.

Shen Jianing’s operation was very successful, but whether she can stand up in the follow-up depends on Shen Jianing’s own recovery state, and most importantly, Shen Jianing must believe that she can stand up again. After Shen Jianing woke up, she began to toss in the hospital again. Unless Xing Kelei was present, she would not eat or drink, and would not cooperate with the nurse’s work. Xing Kelei could only accompany Shen Jianing in the hospital, so tired that he could only rest on Mi Yan in his free time, and talk to her to relax.

Ruan Qingxia ran to Mi Yan’s house to hide because of abnormal harassment. The two talked about the Shen family sisters. Mi Yan complained a few words about the Shen family sisters, but Xing Kelei was about to return to the police to prepare for the fight, and she too Can’t ignore Shen Jianing. The two chatted for a while and then boiled the soup. After a while, Xing Kelei came back. Ruan Qingxia and Xing Kelei greeted each other and left.

Early the next morning, Xing Kelei returned to the police to train for the Tigers. Mi Yan told Shen Jianing of the news during the round of the house, and she also advised her to walk as soon as possible to regain her walking ability. However, Shen Jianing said that he would wait for Xing Kelei to come back. Xing Kelei helped him go.

Knowing that Xing Kelei was not there, Shen Jianing stopped tossing and became very cooperating with the nurses. The nurses knew that because Xing Kelei was not there, Shen Jianing’s performance was not watched. Shen Jianan came back that day, and Mi Yan said that no one cares about Shen Jianing.

Shu Wenbo learned about Ruan Qingxia’s being followed, and worried that the abnormality would appear near Ruan Qingxia’s home. He went to check it at night, and happened to ran into the abnormality to harass Ruan Qingxia. When Ruan Qingxia hurried back, his high heels were stuck in the sewer manhole cover.

Above, when the pervert was about to approach Ruan Qingxia, Shu Wenbo appeared in time to rescue Ruan Qingxia. After the two went to the police station and made the transcript, Ruan Qingxia said he wanted to invite Shu Wenbo to dinner to express his gratitude. He also talked about the abnormality of sending a toy. Shu Wenbo said that the one sent to his home was sent by himself. Ruan Qingxia regretted it.

Surprised again, after two steps, she suddenly turned to ask Shu Wenbo if she liked herself. Shu Wenbo finally admitted and explained that she had always felt that he was not worthy of Ruan Qingxia, and that Ruan Qingxia and Lu Feng were more suitable. Now he finally has it. Courage, confessed his heart to Ruan Qingxia, and asked Ruan Qingxia if he would be his girlfriend. Ruan Qingxia looked at Shu Wenbo in surprise and agreed to Shu Wenbo’s confession.

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