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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 12 Recap

Ye Qingchun lacks inspiration in design, so that he hasn’t released new clothes for a long time. Not only the ladies and ladies often come to remind me, but even the guys are idle and do nothing all day long. Just as Ye Qingchun racked his brains to create, he did not expect that Xiaotao would bring Ye Ming to the door to make clothes, especially Ye Ming’s appearance is so outstanding, which made him surprised, and instantly inspired and vowed to make a satisfactory dress. .

Leaving the Kristen clothing store, Ye Ming wandered around with Xiaotao, passing by Huaxuezhai. Jin Xingjian sensed that she was downstairs, and then stared at the outside nervously, until Ye Ming’s back was far away, she couldn’t help but feel a little lost. Taking into account the frequent appearance of blood bats recently, Jin Xingjian reminded Lian Xuan to keep an eye on Xiao Tao’s boyfriend, although he is not a murderer, but he has a close connection with the murderer.

Since seeing Ye Ming, Ye Qingchun became interested in her, and even couldn’t help mentioning it to Jin Xingjian, only to find that he had a close relationship with Ye Ming. That night, after the end of the performance at Ye Ming, Manager Zhou personally arranged for her to choose suitable photos, and waited for a good day to start a special performance.

Because of Ye Ming’s existence, Sa Sa seemed insignificant, and her salary was much lower than before. Although she felt resentment in her heart, she had no choice but to walk home while complaining, but she didn’t know that she was going to die here soon. Lian Xuan brought Xiao Qing to follow the evil spirit, and after all, it was still a step too late. There was only Sasha’s body at the scene, not to mention the real murderer, even the shadow of the monster was not seen.

Lian Xuan returned in disappointment. He was embarrassed to defend himself too much, and simply changed the subject to guess the motive of the goblin killing the dancing girl. Jin Xingjian didn’t sort out his clues, so he decided to check the body of the dancing girl tomorrow night, hoping to find clues from it.

Yin Qing sent Xiaotao home as usual, and when the two came to the door of the house, they would inevitably feel a little nostalgic. Seeing that Xiao Tao was about to go upstairs, Yin Qing grabbed her, leaned over and kissed her. Faced with Yin Qing’s initiative, Xiao Tao was pleasantly surprised, kissed back hot, and then ran home with a shame, until the next morning, she was still in a good mood.

Even though Xiaotao’s family status is not as good as others, she still lives happily. Anyway, she is also a trip to the world. It is better to strive for it. It is best to be able to grow old hand in hand with the one she loves. Hearing Xiaotao talking about Yin Qing, Ye Ming remembered Yu Shaobai in his dream, so he wanted to find each other even more.

Ye Lina didn’t see Jin Xingjian for a long time, so she missed him more and more, so she went to talk to her brother. Knowing that Ye Qingchun likes Jin Xingjian’s sweetheart, especially that the other party is still a lowly dancing girl, she really can’t understand. In order to explore the difference of this so-called dancer, Ye Lina disguised as a man and mixed into the dance hall, just in time for Ye Ming’s special performance.

At the same time, the blood bat Yin Hao appeared in the Xinxin Song and Dance Hall as a rich young man. He was originally ordered to monitor Ye Ming, but Ye Lina did not expect Ye Lina to attract his attention. Ye Lina was spending money lavishly and wanted to fight against Yin Hao. The two of them made a bet on the amount of alcohol, but Ye Lina became drunk after a few drinks.

Jin Xingjian and Lian Xuan went to the morgue at night and found that the deaths of more than a dozen dancing girls were surprisingly consistent. It should be a suspicious point. However, Bai Jingang was faint and incompetent, so he casually reported a death law to close the case. Seeing the bite marks on the dancing girl’s neck, Jin Xingjian was silent, before Lian Xuan could finish speaking, he immediately turned and left.

After the performance, Xiao Tao ignored Sister Manny’s persuasion, and then went to Yin Qing with a beautiful dress, and confessed to him during the moonlight. Yin Qing likes Xiao Tao, and naturally wants to stay with her for a long time, but considering the different ways of the monsters, hesitates to some extent, but Xiao Tao regards Yin Qing’s hesitation as difficult, so she claims that she is willing not to be named.

Because of Xiaotao’s infatuation, Yin Qing hugged Xiaotao tightly and vowed that she would never disappoint her goodness to herself. The two people who love each other will finally become clear in this snowy day, regardless of whether the future is good or bad.

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