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The Rational Life (2021) 理智派生活

Rational life
Other Title: 理智派生活, 理智派生活, The Woman Who Cannot Fall in Love, Li Zhi Pai Sheng Huo, Wu Fa Lian Ai De Li Zhi Pai, 无法恋爱的理智派

Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Hsu Fu Chun
Chen Tong, Long Xiao Shan
Hunan TV, Mango TV
Release Date: 
Mar 31, 2021 – Apr 29, 2021
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  • Qin Lan as Shen Ruo Xin
  • Dylan Wang as Qi Xiao
  • Calvin Li as Xu Ming Jie
  • Bao Wen Jing as Song Zi Yan
  • Pan Hong as Mother Shen
  • Chen Peng Wan Li as Su Yang

A career woman over the age of 30, Shen Ruo Xin stands up against unfair practices at the workplace. She is caught between two men – her trusted assistant and her boss who is an eligible bachelor. Always one to choose reason over emotion, will Shen Ruo Xin who is considered a ‘leftover woman’ be brave enough to pursue a romance with a younger man,Qi Xiao or will she marry the man that society dictates?

In a large male-dominated company, Shen Ruoxin’s road to promotion is difficult. It has been a year since the competition for the position of director of the legal department has been, but Liu Pei, the vice president of the company, made things difficult for her. Shen Ruoxin was in danger and was ordered to take over the spontaneous combustion case. Shen Ruoxin and Qi Xiao teamed up to find evidence of the derailment of the soft rice man Jin Yuanhao. When Shen Ruoxin and Jin Yuanhao signed an agreement to settle the settlement peacefully, the photos were taken and spread on the Internet.

It turned out that Shen Ruoxin’s boyfriend, Cui Lixing, was behind the scenes hoping that Shen Ruoxin would resign and get married. Shen Ruoxin refused her boyfriend’s proposal and decisively broke up with him. But because of the photo incident, he was transferred to the Administration Department. Qi Xiao, Shen Ruoxin’s assistant, accompanied him. Xu Minjie, the vice president of the airborne company, publicly pursued Shen Ruoxin, and Qi Xiao angrily denounced Xu Minjie’s ex-girlfriend for provoking Shen Ruoxin.

Money, value, family, career… Shen Ruoxin, who was opened by Qi Xiao’s heart, finally realized that love is never an equal exchange or a burden, but the attraction of two people, the similarity of interests, the collision of souls, and the separation of joys and sorrows. achievement. In the end, Shen Ruoxin and Qi Xiao broke through all obstacles, grew up together, and finally came together.

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