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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 2 Recap

Su Yang helped Qi Xiao deliver his resume to Zhenpeng Group, and finally waited for the interview opportunity of the personnel department, but he was told to be disqualified. Unwilling to reconcile, Qi Xiao immediately rushed into the office to ask clearly, only to find that Shen Ruoxin was the interviewer. No matter how he tried, he would be rejected.

Just as Qi Xiao was about to leave, he accidentally ran into a university classmate, You Sijia, and learned that Shen Ruoxin was busy with the spontaneous combustion case, so he could take this opportunity to start. Although You Sijia is still in the internship stage, she very much hopes to stay in Zhenpeng Group, and even keeps complimenting Shen Ruoxin’s ability in front of Qi Xiao.

At the same time, Cui Lixin wanted to find Shen Ruoxin to get back together, so he called her to apologize, claiming that he had a bad attitude last night and that he was willing to take a step back and delay the marriage as much as possible. However, Shen Ruoxin patronized the investigation garage, looking for useful evidence, and didn’t have time to bother him. Qi Xiao bought Shen Ruoxin early and admitted that he was willing to provide clues to the spontaneous combustion case, provided that Shen Ruoxin should be hired as a legal assistant.

Seeing that Shen Ruoxin was not threatened, Qi Xiao immediately changed his mind, saying that he had made three custom necklaces for Jin Yuanhao, a total of one men’s and two women’s models, which were sent to two addresses. One of the women’s bracelets was given to Mrs. Jin, and the other bracelet was sent to Yangpu. Just a while ago, Shanghai was hit by heavy rain. It may be that the car was soaked in water and caused spontaneous combustion.

Because of Qi Xiao’s reminder, Shen Ruoxin and him went directly to Yangpu to investigate and found evidence that Jin Yuanhao’s car had accumulated water, so they brought this evidence to negotiate with Jin Yuanhao. At first, Jin Yuanhao was arrogant and insisted on asking for huge compensation, until he heard Qi Xiao mention the bracelet, he instantly changed his tone and wanted to use money to buy Shen Ruoxin and share the compensation.

As a result, as soon as he finished speaking, Shen Ruoxin took out the recorder. Jin Yuanhao was worried that his wife knew that he had an affair, so he could only agree to her terms and agree to sign a settlement agreement with Zhenpeng Company. Little did he know that Cui Lixin was hiding next to him and had already secretly filmed the conversation between the two into a video.

After the incident, Shen Ruoxin hired Qi Xiao as agreed and promised to give him a two-month probation period. Considering what Jin Yuanhao did, Qi Xiao felt a little sorry for Mrs. Jin, so she was totally unhappy. That night, Qi Xiao went back to the dormitory to share the matter with Su Yang, and at the same time explained how he met You Sijia.

When Su Yang heard You Sijia’s name, he couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. Qi Xiao keenly caught this subtle expression and couldn’t help but gossip whether he liked You Sijia. Although Qi Xiao guessed accurately, Su Yang knew he was not good enough for You Sijia. After all, he had not found a job, and he couldn’t even rent a house, and he was not qualified to fall in love.

Shen Ruoxin went to the company to explain the reconciliation with Liu Pei. Unexpectedly, Cui Lixin would release a video of him proposing to Shen Ruoxin in the company. He even took out flowers again and knelt to propose in full view. Accompanied by the applause and uproar of his colleagues, Shen Ruoxin was furious and rejected Cui Lixin on the spot and announced the fact that they had broken up.

When Shen’s mother heard about this, she went to the company to reprimand Shen Ruoxin for picking things up, and at the same time called to apologize to Cui Lixin. Because of her mother’s incomprehension, Shen Ruoxin was in a bad mood and went home alone to seek comfort from the robot. Even though Jin Yuanhao reached a settlement with Zhenpeng Company, he still hated Shen Ruoxin for causing him to lose two million in compensation.

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