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The Rational Life 理智派生活 Episode 1 Recap

Ruan Ye airborne Zhenpeng Automobile Company. He had just taken up the position of manager of the legal department and transferred information about the spontaneous combustion case from Shen Ruoxin. Originally, Shen Ruoxin was mainly responsible for negotiating with the victim’s husband, so when she received a call from the intern You Sijia, she immediately drove to the hospital, but was hit by a pair of men and women with the fruit basket.

The reason for this is that the woman Luo Luo was about to go abroad with her boyfriend, and then decided to close the online shop. As one of the partners, Qi Xiao is naturally unacceptable. Besides, he has put too much effort into this online shop, how could he give up easily. Shen Ruoxin was in a bad mood, especially seeing Qi Xiao stalking, so he misunderstood the relationship between him and Luo Luo, so he took out his mobile phone and took the video on the spot, forcing Qi Xiao to let Luo Luo go and compensate him with a new one. Fruit basket.

As the spontaneous combustion of the car is more serious, the burned area of ​​the victim’s lower limbs gradually spread and it is difficult to heal completely. Her husband Jin Yuanhao posted a post on the Internet, which attracted everyone’s attention. Shen Ruoxin wanted to find out the specific situation with Mrs. Jin, but the other party was emotionally unstable and couldn’t ask a general idea.

After Shen Ruoxin returned to the company, he learned that Ruan Ye had negotiated with Jin Haoyuan in private, and agreed to delete the spontaneous combustion photos and posts on the Internet, using the unreasonable asking price of the responding party as a bargaining chip. Ruan Ye took this opportunity to fight for merit in front of the boss Liu Pei, but Shen Ruoxin tried her best. Based on this spontaneous combustion case, she made professional judgments and believed that the matter was by no means simple on the surface. However, Liu Pei has already made a decision to consider the company’s reputation, requiring Shen Ruoxin to find evidence within two days, otherwise he will transfer the case to Ruan Ye for processing.

In addition to the troubles at work, Shen Ruoxin’s personal relationships will also be heated up. While facing her mother’s urge to marry, she also has to deal with her boyfriend Cui Lixin’s entanglement. Shen Ruoxin refused Cui Lixin’s invitation and planned to accompany her best friend Song Ziyan on her birthday. But not long after she had just left the office, she saw Ruan Ye coming from the side. The two had a fight, both staring at the position of the legal director.

Qi Xiao received a call from his good buddy Su Yang and learned that he had failed again in the interview. If he fails to find a suitable job at the end of the year, he might have to go home and take the civil service examination honestly. Su Yang’s job search was not smooth, so he asked Qi Xiao to go to the Bund for dinner. Unexpectedly, the price of the Bund restaurant was too expensive. It was so expensive that they ordered a glass of beer for a long time, which made the waiter extremely dissatisfied.

Just as Qi Xiao was talking to Su Yang about the partner running away, he suddenly heard a noise coming from outside. At this time, Cui Lixin secretly bought a diamond ring and flowers, and ran to the Bund restaurant specially to propose to Shen Ruoxin in front of everyone. Not only was Shen Ruoxin not moved by Cui Lixin’s act of advocating, he was rather speechless.

Just when Shen Ruoxin was about to refuse, how unexpectedly Qi Xiao came to the scene full of alcohol, deliberately sabotaging Cui Lixin’s carefully arranged marriage proposal. Although Qi Xiao was definitely not out of good intentions, he still made a mistake to help clear the siege. However, without saying a few words, he was driven away by the restaurant security. Cui Lixin took the opportunity to forcibly put the ring on Shen Ruoxin’s hand.

On the way back, Shen Ruoxin solemnly proposed to break up, saying that he really couldn’t accept Cui Lixin’s strength and his unrespectful desire to control. Cui Lixin had reached the age of marriage, so he chose Shen Ruoxin, but he never considered whether the two were suitable.

Because of Shen Ruoxin’s refusal, Cui Lixin no longer pretended to be a good man, and directly counted her shortcomings. Seeing Cui Lixin’s true face, Shen Ruoxin was even more grateful that he did not accept the marriage proposal. However, his mother liked Cui Lixin very much. Frequent calls to urge her to get married made her feel tired. Only in front of her favorite things can she relax completely.

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