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The Imperial Coroner 御赐小仵作 Episode 13 Recap

The new Qianzhou troupe sent Shen Yu to investigate the copper coin casting case. Qin Luan instructed Zhou Han to keep an eye on him, report the situation in time, and let Sun Deming investigate the case and closely monitor the Xiping Princess Mansion, Xue Mansion, and Jing Mansion. Three, even the three law divisions did not let go.

Princess Xiping is holding the brothers Xiao Jinli who are far away in Qianzhou, southwest. However, she is outside and it is not easy to interfere too much, so I ask Xue Rucheng to take care of her and ask him about the Southwestern Military Department by the way. However, Xue Rucheng just took office as Shangshu of the Ministry of War, and has not yet heard of any rumors.

Now Xiao Jinyu vomited blood and fainted. She has not yet woken up. Chu Chu is both flustered and sad. While crying with rain, he confessed Xiao Jinyu’s identity to Mr. Chu. Considering that the other party was the King Anjun, who was in charge of the three law divisions at the time, if there were any accidents, there would be guilt. Therefore, everyone proposed to be responsible for Chu Chu, but Chu Chu decided to bear the result alone, and would never affect his family.

Fortunately, after diagnosis and treatment, Xiao Jinyu was not seriously affected, and her vitality gradually recovered. Chu Chu plucked up the courage to open the door and entered the room. She bowed her head and bowed to the room in one go. Just as she was about to speak, Xiao Jinyu unexpectedly announced that Chu Chu had passed the nuclear level exam and had officially become a wok writer.

Chu Chu was a little confused about this sudden surprise, until he understood the main reason why Xiao Jinyu was secretly investigating the stone pendant, and then realized that she was treating a gentleman like a villain, and at the same time, she was happy that her ability was recognized by Xiao Jinyu. After all, with Xiao Jinyu’s current status, every step he takes is like walking on thin ice. All decisions made are related to the safety of countless people around him, and he must be cautious.

Through this conversation, Chu Chu opened up his heart and took the initiative to express his thoughts with Xiao Jinyu. The two resolved their previous misunderstandings and completely relieved their previous suspicions. Afterwards, Chu Chu personally cooked Xiao Jinyu’s chicken soup as compensation. Xiao Jinli was worried about her younger brother’s body and wanted to get a doctor to check it. However, Leng Yue thought Xiao Jinyu was completely fine and didn’t need to be so nervous.

According to Xiao Jinyu’s investigation, he found that in the year Chu Chu was born, there was no natural disaster in Datang Jiannan Road, so the death of the tribe may be caused by man-made disasters. Chu He was worried that Chu Chu would leave, so he thought of the best of both worlds. That is, he personally married Chu Chu into the family, and he became the Chu family and was able to take care of each other better.

It happened that the conversation between the father and son was heard by Xiao Jinli, and Chu Chu clearly told Chu He that he would always be the daughter of the Chu family and that he would honor his father and grandfather with him in the future. Even if he went to the Three Laws Division of Chang’an City, he would still take time. come back.

In the city of Chang’an, many officials have mentioned the assassination of Yan Ming, and even discussed that the king of Anjun traveled to the southwest from Jian by light car, claiming to the outside world that he was looking for the missing horse, but Qianzhou in the southwest was the place where King Chang used to be in the past. Obscurity is not taught by outsiders.

Sun Mingde reported everyone’s speculation to Qin Luan. This incident caused Qin Luan to be shocked, because King Chang was the son of the first emperor, and later died in an incident. If King Chang is still alive, I am afraid that his true purpose is unpredictable. In particular, Xiao Jinyu’s head of guard Wu Jiang who stayed in Chang’an has been acting suspiciously recently. I don’t know what he is doing. Although Qin Luan thought this was ridiculous, he still asked Sun Deming to quickly find the source of the spread of the news.

Chu Chu explained to Xiao Jinyu all the information about the uncle witch doctor, including the letter left to her before leaving. Since then, there has been no news. Elder Chu handed over the Xu family’s relic to Chu Chu. It was a hairpin inlaid with gemstones. You don’t need to look closely to infer that this thing is definitely not owned by ordinary people. Xiao Jinyu plans to draw a picture of the hairpin and send it to Chang’an City, hoping to find out the true identity of Chu Chu’s parents.

At the same time, Tang Xuanzong was frightened at night. Sun Deming thought of the previous rumors, so he guessed with Qin Luan about Tang Xuanzong’s experience before ascending the throne, and guessed that King Chang had left a shadow on him, always worried that the other party would take the throne. Sun Deming’s words awakened the dreamer, which made Qin Luan suddenly realize.

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