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The Long Ballad 長歌行 Episode 1 Recap

In the woods on the outskirts, a heroic woman flees on horseback. Her eyebrows are full of tenacity. Even if she flees to the corner of the cliff, she has no fear in her eyes. She is the daughter of the original prince Li Changge. This time the court changed, Li Changge was lucky enough to escape, she was going to Youzhou for help, even if she was driven to a dead end, Li Changge would rather ride a horse to rush to the cliff, not willing to catch it with her hands.

In the 9th year of Tang Wude, Li Changge was originally the jewel in the hand of the East Palace, but escaped from the palace due to a change in the palace. It was also in that year that she and Ashina Falcon had a lifelong bond. Back then, in the bustling city of Chang’an, the grassland tribe Asna Falcon and his entourage came to Chang’an. The two looked at the prosperous Chang’an streetscape with emotion. Asna Falcon thought that the current prosperity might not be long-lasting.

Walking to the street, when the people in the Prince’s Mansion were making trouble, the two had a dispute with the people in the Prince’s Mansion. Li Changge, a woman dressed as a man, rode on the horse. She rescued the two, but left with a dashing manner. Back in the palace, the princess and Li Changge talked about the messenger on the prairie. The prairie and the first emperor once talked about marriage. Nowadays, there are very few young women in the palace who are married. The princess can not help but tell Li Changge not to go out at will. She is in this life. The only willingness is to hope that Li Changge can stay and live in Chang’an safely and smoothly.

Prince Li Jiancheng returned to his home. The princess didn’t wait to see Li Jiancheng, but this time she brought some snacks and came to the study to find Li Jiancheng. Before seeing Li Jiancheng, the prince concubine first heard that Li Jiancheng was about to do something to King Qin, and couldn’t help being surprised and afraid in her heart.

Li Changge came to the palace to look for the county lord Le Yan. Le Yan and Li Changge are about the same age. They are both beautiful and beautiful. The difference is that Le Yan is gentle and well-behaved. However, Li Changge has the heroic appearance of a young man. She is bold and willful. There will be a Cuju game, and Li Changge will take Le Yan to see Cuju. Le Yan admired a graceful man named Shuyu. She embroidered a peace symbol for Li Changge and prepared one for Shuyu at the same time. When the two rushed to the Cuju field, they unexpectedly commented that the cold-blooded and cruel Gao was slaughtering the servants. . Li Changge hurriedly pulled Le Yan away, but Le Yan accidentally dropped the peace symbol to the ground and was picked up by Gao Du.

On the court, Le Yan found out that the safety symbol was missing, and Li Changge gave her own safety symbol to Le Yan and asked Le Yan to send it to Shuyu. The Cuju game on the court was going on fiercely. This game was very detrimental to Datang. Shuyu was injured in the game. Le Yan hurried to find Shuyu. Li Changge also had an idea. She took Shuyu’s Cuju uniform and wore it. Compete in a mask. Li Changge joined the Cuju game, and Ashina Falcon also led the grassland team to participate in the battle. Ashina Falcon’s young man was very competitive. He was supposed to win the game, but Li Changge’s ability still impressed him. A tie was reached, and the victory or defeat was only in the final goal. The final goal was extremely competitive. In the end, Li Changge won the final game, which made Datang cheered. She also received a tribute knife from the Prairie Tribe.

Xin Sili of the grassland tribe talked to Datang about discussing relatives. He liked Le Yan. Le Yan was the daughter of King Qin. King Qin was unwilling to send Le Yan to the grassland and his relatives. But Li Jiancheng had long wanted to destroy King Qin. Seeing that Xin Si Li had the meaning of making a relationship, he invited Xin Si Li to the East Palace for a talk. As everyone knows, the marriage proposed by Xin Sili was a test set by Ashina Falcon. Seeing that Datang was so anxious to ask for marriage, Ashina Falcon thought that the Tang Dynasty was empty. He had great ambitions and wanted to annex the Datang. Now he comes to the Tang Dynasty. It’s just a probe into the reality of the Tang Dynasty.

Li Changge came to King Qin’s mansion, and she gifted the sword she won to King Qin. She worshipped King Qin as a teacher since she was a child. Since the age of seven, she has followed King Qin to learn the sword and sword. King Qin took the treasured sword, he competed with Changge, and also granted Changge the law of confronting the enemy. After the contest, King Qin asked Changge to return home first, and did not forget to ask Changge to greet his mother with a long song.

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