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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 9 Recap

Destined to meet again no matter how far you go. Xia Zhi accompanied Long Ji to start treatment. The two spent a romantic day together, but while trying on the wedding dress, Long Ji broke out of a pulmonary embolism and passed away. Xia Zhi was sad and heartbroken, and was locked in the resort alone… The ideal storefront of Yihaodian. Just after signing a contract, I saw a strange man lying in the store. He was actually the famous fairy tale artist Lin Chuan in Europe.

It turned out that the landlord had signed another contract with someone but didn’t tell him that Xiaoxiao wanted to grab the store. When he came back, Lin Chuan wanted to leave in a hurry, and invited Xiao Su to see his painting exhibition. In the exhibition at the Anyangyuan, Xiao Su casually commented on a painting of the night sky, making Lin Chuan want to be surprised that Xiao Su understood his painting, so I asked Xiaoto to associate, but Xiaoto didn’t take it seriously…

Little Bird’s new force reported, it was Xiaoto’s junior high school classmate Ade, responsible for IT work, Meiji warned this giant Ade, don’t like yourself! The righteous man went to the resort and saw Xia Zhi, who was drunk and ruined himself, and threw Xia Zhi into the bathroom so he was sober… After Long Jie’s funeral, Xiao Chen announced that Little Bird had withdrawn from the Lutian case. He didn’t want Xia Zhi because The life of this case stopped here. Xia Zhi understood the care of everyone and decided to embrace the pain and move forward…

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