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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 8 Recap

If you love someone who makes your life more beautiful, Tsuta consults the righteous man about the loan for the reconstruction project. The righteous man appreciates the idea of ​​the reconstruction project and is willing to help. Xiaotiao hints that the righteous man should also give him something he doesn’t like. After breaking off, the righteous man invited Mi Ji to eat. Mi Ji dressed up, but saw the righteous man bringing his girlfriend Jenny, who was a famous brand, to come. Mei Ji was so angry that she vowed to become a stronger and richer woman, so she decided to lend money to Xiaoxiao Investment.

Yoshio’s outstanding performance made Director Ding of Jinchuang Bank promoted to chief, but Yoshio learned from colleagues that his promotion was blocked by Director Ding… Xiao Tsuta announced that Little Bird would move to a new office and would open it. In the physical store, Mei Ji was appointed as the manager of the No. 1 store… Long Jie disappeared for many days, making Xia Zhi anxious, but he came to explain clearly to Xia Zhi when he reappeared.

Xia Zhi suddenly shortened the renovation project of the resort like crazy, but refused to explain why, making Xiao Chu angry at the partner’s inconspicuousness. At this time, Boss Yu came to the office and cried that Long Jie’s cancer had recurred! Xia Zhi insisted that no matter how much time is left, she must accompany Long Jie to courageously face the disease, and sincerely confessed the stupidest marriage proposal.

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