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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 7 Recap

It is more sensible to watch the moon together. As a result of the comparison of the Green Sky Reconstruction Project, Little Bird stood out with the concept of environmental protection, but Long Jie had a problem: the winning company needed to invest 20 million yuan in shares… Xiaotao had a house loan short of five million for the reconstruction project. , Mei Ji also helped raise money everywhere… With Jenny’s help, Yi Nan’s performance is booming, which makes Minister Ding jealous.

He specifically assigns Yi Nan to deal with the construction of capital groups, a hot potato that has been dissatisfied with Jinchuang Bank in the past. Yi Nan has no choice but to Give it a try. When Yinan and Jenny dine, Jenny accidentally spilled red wine on a lady. It turned out that this lady was Lora, the wife of the chairman of Ziqun Construction. Jenny used this to bring the Yinan and the other party together. The financing business can be discussed without trace. to make. Long Jie came to Xia Zhi for an excuse, and the straight confession was attracted by Xia Zhi.

The two went to Xia’s father’s shop to dine and watched Xia Zhi’s parents bickering, making Long Jie feel the warmth of the family that he hadn’t had in a long time. Distressed by love, Mei Ji brought beer and salty crisp chicken to join Xiao Tiao, let Xiao Tiao inadvertently learn that Mei Ji Xiao has a deposit, but the drunk Mei Ji said that her father was in debt and the family broke down for Xiao San, and her mother committed suicide…

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