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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 12 Recap

Only if you are willing to believe, can you get what you want to believe. The sober Xia Zhi saw Jenny drank red wine and cried silently. Jenny admitted that she felt sad about her beloved rival for a business trip… The two women shared the hurt of each other’s love. Pain, and met to have dinner at Xiaguanzi to discuss the reconstruction project. He happened to meet the righteous man.

The righteous man apologized and said that he should not lose his temper to those close to him. Jenny was moved to cry… The whole team of Little Bird became full of anger. On the day of the draft, the opponent Hana actually proposed exactly the same content… The righteous man started a private investigation and found James, who was transferred by Chief Ding’s rumor of bribery, but James Advise the righteous man to leave the financial world if he can’t accept these things.

Xiao Tiao, Xia Zhi, and Mei Jiqi arrested the traitors. Everyone knew that Ade was bullied. Ade found out that Peng Jie had served in Hana. At this time, Peng Jie took the initiative to tell Xiao Tiao that he had been maliciously expelled by Aunt Hua. Tsuta believed her… At the meeting, Xiao Tsua announced that the data leakage was a network hack, and decided to embark on the “Happy Gift Box” business district project and promoted Peng Jie to deputy store manager…

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