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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 11 Recap

The dream without the power to bless is just a daydream. When Mi Ji wondered if Daejeon, who refused to date, was really in love, Daejeon unexpectedly came up with Mi Ji’s favorite roast duck and ring to propose to Mi Ji… Jenny, Chief Operating Officer of Fengyue Hotel, thinks it will be imaginary Love rival Xia Zhi, invited Little Bird to make a proposal. Little Bird would not dare to accept Jenny’s provocation. The righteous man was lightly punished and transferred to the creditor’s rights department.

He guessed that Jenny asked someone to tell him not to interfere in the company’s affairs, but Jenny asked the righteous man to face the reality. The workplace looks at power and relationships. After the opening of Little Bird’s No.1 store, Xiao Tiao immediately announced his participation in the “Wedding Souvenirs” in Qingling Arts and Cultural Zone. Xia Zhi was affected by Long Jie’s marriage contract and could not draw the design of the souvenir. To avoid design in such a way, Xiao Su is helpless…

Xiao Su wants to bet with Lin Chuan for his performance. If he loses, Lin Chuan thinks of Little Bird as a living sign. The confident Xiao Su falls again. Mei Ji casually suggested that Lin Chuan wanted to teach children painting. The lesson, Lin Chuan wanted to happily agreed. The relationship between Jenny and the righteous man froze, but once again offered Little Bird an invitation to rebuild the Hekuo Hotel. Xia Zhi was asked by Xiao Ching to go there with his scalp. The welcome guests at the Kanshi Hotel made Xia Zhi unable to drink. Jenny I had to carry the drunk Xia Zhi back to the room…

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