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The Arc of Life 她們創業的那些鳥事 Episode 10 Recap

Everyone has a little devil in his heart, who ran out at the most unsuccessful time. Lin Chuan wanted to hide because of the suspicion of plagiarism, Xiao Su found Lin Chuan who was hiding under the slide and thought, and wanted to clean him up, so Xiao Su became Lin Chuan’s agent and held a clarification press conference and took the opportunity. Promote the establishment of Little Bird’s first concept store! On TV, it broke out that Chen Huomu, the general manager of SUN, was suspected of emptying the company’s money and absconded. The righteous man in charge of the loan in Sun Sanko District was investigated by the bank’s chief audit and learned that Sun had forged the landlord contract.

The righteous man confronted Director Ding. Ding However, the director completely shrugged off the responsibility and implied that the righteous man would pass the responsibility to others. The righteous man insisted on right and wrong and decided to report to the bank Chief Ding without hesitation, but in exchange for suspension investigation… Mei Ji made friends and met social worker Datian on the Internet , Mi Ji, who is in love, is absent-minded at work and makes mistakes again and again…

Xia Zhi took over the design of the reconstruction of the Xiarenhe Nursing Home and the Kindergarten, and learned that the work of Yinan Bank may not be guaranteed, but still will not give up the Nursing Home With loans, Xia Zhi encouraged the righteous man, the world really became better because of him. Lin Chuan wants to bet on bowling with Xiao Su, but Xiao Su’s stiff throwing keeps washing the ditch. Lin Chuan wants to teach her to relax and lose the ball, which means that relaxation at work also requires learning…

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