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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 28 Recap

Xia Xueling spoke fiercely and emotionally. As the director of the design department, she forced Cheng Yang to dismiss Murphy. Unfortunately, no matter how she persisted, Cheng Yang was unmoved. Cheng Yang invited Mo Fei as his assistant because of work considerations. He was even willing to resign with Mo Fei to advance and retreat. This also gave Tang Mingxuan a reason and a chance to win the game.

Murphy never thought that her decision would affect so many people. Originally, she thought it would be easy to design and only need to focus on what she likes. But when she really enters the workplace, she understands that she still needs to consider a lot of workplace relationships. Morphy decided to reorganize his mood, and he would consider it more for others in the future, which also made Tang Mingxuan feel more distressed for Morphy.

Mingyuan Group’s Symphony Yunyan Show will be held soon, and the conference department is discussing which design to use. Both Liu Pei and Cheng Yang designed explanations for their own works and received applause from the audience. It must be said that their designs have their own merits. Xia Xueling admits that Cheng Yang has personal characteristics and abilities, but considering all aspects, she prefers Liu Pei’s design. Tang Mingxuan thought she had personal prejudice and deliberately targeted Cheng Yang, so Xia Xueling was very disappointed and angry.

Fang Xiaoyu was talking and chatting with Fang Qian at home, but Fang Qian suddenly fell into a coma, which really scared Fang Xiaoyu. After repeated diagnosis by the doctor, it was confirmed that Fang Qian had a tumor in her brain and showed signs of spreading, coupled with long-term malnutrition, which made the situation very unoptimistic. Fang Xiaoyu took the initiative to call Fang Weiguo for the first time, but Zhuang Yuerong took the call, because she was worried about affecting Fang Weiguo’s sleep and refused to forward it.

Fang Xiaoyu has always blamed Fang Weiguo and Zhuang Yuerong for his mother’s death. This time Fang Qian was ill, and he believed that it was Fang Weiguo and Tang Mingxuan who made his sister sad and contracted brain cancer. Fang Xiaoyu originally thought that Fang Qian would have a chance to make up for the three-year gap when Fang Qian came back. Now this situation makes him difficult to accept, and his spirit is gradually broken.

Fang Xiaoyu felt helpless for the first time, he could only blame everything on the two people who made Fang Qian sad. After getting drunk, Fang Xiaoyu came to the door of Mo Fei’s house. When she saw Mo Fei, he kept admonishing Tang Mingxuan that he was not a good person. Mo Fei never wanted Fang Xiaoyu to insist on discrediting Tang Mingxuan, and turned around to go home, but her mood was also affected. Only when she heard Tang Mingxuan’s voice did she feel better.

Shen Jiaxi has always thought that Murphy has learned to lie and deliberately concealed her alienation. Now she is Tang Mingxuan’s girlfriend and seems to look down on her every word and deed. Shen Jiaxi came to Xia Xueling again and condemned Morphy. After receiving Xia Xueling’s favor and gifts, Shen Jiaxi showed off in front of others like a treasure.

Mia was very interested in Mingyuan’s Symphony Yunyan Show and said that she would definitely attend, which also made Mingyuan see the possibility of acquisition greatly improved. In the past, Song Tang was nothing but a money-losing project for Tang Mingxuan, but since he poured his emotions and hard work into it, Song Tang has become a kind of spiritual inheritance. Such a change made Tang Qiren feel more relieved to hand everything over to Tang Mingxuan.

Even Cheng Yang is very curious about Tang Mingxuan’s hard work on Song Tang. In fact, under the influence of Murphy bit by bit, Tang Mingxuan has already fallen in love with Chinese traditional cultural design. Tang Mingxuan hopes to use the eulogy of the Tang Dynasty to export Chinese culture to the world, so that everyone can see the characteristics and feelings that belong to China.

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