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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 26 Recap

Liang Yuxuan came, but Sun Yihang looked indifferent. Su Xing ran out of the kitchen. Sun Xiaoai quickly explained that he was just an imitator of Su Xing, but Liang Yuxuan and Su Xing were both stunned. Sun Yihang asked Liang Yuxuan if he had reunited with Du Meng. After hearing the negative answer, Sun Yihang was excited again. He pulled Liang Yuxuan and asked her to eat at home. Liang Yuxuan and Xiao Puding got along very harmoniously. Sun Xiaoai assured Su Xing that Liang Yuxuan would not expose him in any measure.

Qi Yue felt very sad when he saw the news of Cheng Ke’s return to China. Qi Yue believed that he was injured on purpose by Su Xing. All his troubles were caused by Su Xing. Julie comforted him. Cheng Ke is very stubborn. If I really want to see Qi Yue, I will wait for him. During the meal, the atmosphere between Liang Yuxuan and Su Xing was weird. Sun Xiaoai and Sun Yihang were both puzzled. Sun Yihang was jealous and black-faced. Sun Xiaoai quickly pulled Su Xing into the kitchen and warned that Su Xing had nothing to do with Liang Yuxuan, but Su Xing said that she didn’t know her. What are you talking about. The two left the kitchen, Liang Yuxuan and Sun Yihang had already left.

Sun Yihang questioned the relationship between Liang Yuxuan and Su Xing. Liang Yuxuan said that the past was not clear, and then left. Sun Yihang was very sad. Because Qi Yue was in a bad mood, he was drunk alone at home. Su Xing ate dinner with Pete and Cheng Ke. Su Xing said that if he hopes to appear in Cheng Ke’s new play, he hopes to bring Qi Yue with him. Cheng Ke asked Su Xing to completely break away from his current life and go abroad for training for half a year. Of course Su Xing was willing, but Pete stopped him. Sun Xiaoai introduced Cheng Ke to the food on the table. Cheng Ke liked and admired Sun Xiaoai very much.

Julie came to Linda to complain, saying that she wanted to do something with Qi Yue, but he was injured at this juncture. Linda also said that she hadn’t rested for Qi Yue’s things before, and ended up playing the bamboo basket for nothing. Qi Yue was sad to hear these words, Linda secretly told Julie that Cheng Ke was having dinner with Su Xing. Cheng Ke was very satisfied with this meal and hoped to cooperate successfully with Su Xing. Pete warned Sun Xiaoai not to touch her own bottom line, but Su Xing warned him not to make any decisions about her, and Pete was not qualified to make decisions for him. Qi Yue came to the doctor to ask for the plaster to be removed in advance, but the doctor refused, and Qi Yue broke the plaster directly.

Sun Yihang was finally willing to come back to work, Chen Ge was still angry with him, Sun Yihang quickly apologized. When Sun Yihang asked about Liang Yuxuan’s family, Liang Yuxuan’s expression suddenly changed. Brother Chen said that Liang Yuxuan would never mention family affairs with others, otherwise she would turn her face. Qi Yue took down the plaster and ran to see Pete. Cheng Ke had already sent a letter of intent to cooperate. After Pete comforted Qi Yue, he still had a chance. Su Xing had become the number one boy in Cheng Ke’s new play. Qi Yue left angrily. Julie was worried when he saw that he had removed the plaster. Qi Yue kept saying that he was unwilling to be Su Xing’s backing, and he would not give up.

Pete asked Su Xing to attend the reception, and Su Xing asked to bring Qi Yue, as compensation for him. Pete quickly notified Qi Yue, but said it was an opportunity he helped fight for. Qingping goes to pick up Qi Yue. Qi Yue gave him the robot at home and asked Qingping to look at his computer for help. Taking this opportunity, Qi Yue changed his phone in Qingping’s cell phone to Su Xing, and then sent a message that the evening banquet had been cancelled and he didn’t need to go. Qi Yue made an excuse to go out and asked Qingping to fix his computer at night, and Qingping stupidly agreed. Qi Yue went to pick up Su Xing and said that Qingping was helping him fix his computer, and the two went to see the bosses together. Su Xing dealt with these bosses, and Qi Yue followed him wittily.

Qi Yue came out to breathe, and Su Xing said that he had already greeted him and would take him with him if he had a chance. Qi Yue said that Su Xing was his goal, and Su Xing said that it is a good thing to have a goal, but if he only speaks and does not do it, it will only become a fantasy, and the industry is cruel, even if he surpasses himself, he will be replaced by others. Su Xing reminded Qi Yue that changing the dynasty cannot be done overnight. He would not let others replace him easily, but he hoped that Qi Yue would become himself. Qi Yue’s words made him feel much better, but he moved his hands and feet privately.

Sun Yihang took Sun Xiaoai to the restaurant where Liang Yuxuan often came to eat. Sun Yihang has been learning about Liang Yuxuan’s past. On the way back, Qi Yue asked Su Xing to close his eyes and rest for a while.

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