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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 25 Recap

Julie told Qi Yue that she and Su Xing had nothing, and hoped that he would stop thinking about it. Qi Yue said that Pete hadn’t completely given up on him, and Julie also encouraged Qi Yue not to give up. Pete came to Su Xing and wanted to tell him something. Sun Xiaoai was not easy to say. Yesterday he came to him for a hush fee. Su Xing was too lazy to pay attention to it. He didn’t want to listen to Pete saying these things. . Pete moved out of Qingping and said that he saw the check. Qingping hesitated to admit that he did see the checkbook. Su Xing became suspicious, and Sun Xiaoai came at this time.

When Sun Xiaoai wanted to chat with Su Xing alone, Pete and Qingping left. Sun Xiaoai told him that she had accepted Ye Lang’s invitation to be a nutritionist, so she was leaving here, but Su Xing was very angry, saying that she had lost her bottom line for money, and that Sun Xiaoai was humiliated and unclear. Su Xing saw the necklace on Sun Xiaoai’s neck, yin and yang congratulated her on marrying into a wealthy family, and even deleted the video in a fit of anger. They have never had anything to do with them ever since. Sun Xiaoai was very sad and scolded Su Xing as a bastard. After Sun Xiaoai left, Su Xing smashed a lot of things angrily.

Qi Yue was late for shooting the commercial, and the director was very angry. After Qi Yue came, Pete quickly scolded him and advised Su Xing not to be serious. During filming, Su Xing deliberately mispronounced the advertisement, causing Qi Yue to dive countless times. Qi Yue, who was spoiled by Su Xing, said that he didn’t care, and Pete admired it. He also said that he would take him to see Cheng Ke, ask him to find a role for Qi Yue in the new play, and even ask him to practice martial arts instructor. Show a hand in front of Cheng Ke.

Su Xing told Qingping that he did this today to help the director breathe out, otherwise the director would not use Qi Yue again in the future. He also wanted to make Qi Yue understand that his position is not something anyone can sit in. Su Xing tells Su’s mother that Sun Xiaoai is not working at home, and Su’s mother is very unhappy. Qingping said that Sun Xiaoai helped Su Xing when he was most difficult. He hoped that Su Xing would forgive him. Su Xing asked Qingping what he saw. I heard that there were numbers on the cheque. Su Xing immediately understood that Sun Xiaoai did not take it. With Pete’s money, Su Xing asked Qingping not to talk to Pete about this matter.

Su Xing wanted to hang Wia to shoot the commercial today. Pete was worried about Su Xing’s waist and explained to the director. The director had to ask Qi Yue to hang Wia. Pete was a little bit embarrassed and could only remind Qi Yue to pay attention to safety and he would go See Cheng Ke. Unexpectedly, Qi Yue had an accident at the shooting scene. His arm was injured and he needed a cast. Qi Yue was unwilling. He wanted to see Cheng Ke. Pete received a call from Cheng Ke. Cheng Ke heard that Qi Yue was injured and didn’t bother to see him. Instead, I was moved by Su Xing’s will to stand up, so I wanted to see Su Xing. Pete immediately threw Qi Yue in the hospital and returned to the shooting scene by himself.

Pete didn’t care much about Qiyue’s affairs, and was very happy to tell Su Xing Cheng Ke to see him. Su Xing was worried that his physical condition could not support the shooting, but he still agreed. Su Xing also wanted Qi Yue to try Ye Lang, but Pete told him to stop worrying about other people. When Su Xing asked Pete Sun Xiaoai, Pete had a guilty conscience.

Sun Xiaoai almost killed the food as Su Xing when he was working. At this time, a customer came and asked Sun Xiaoai to serve him. As expected, this person was Su Xing. Su Xing said that he would invite Cheng Ke to eat here for two days and let Sun Xiaoai design it himself. Sun Xiaoai was indifferent. Su Xing couldn’t help apologize, so he pulled Qingping and said that he wanted to apologize to Sun Xiaoai, Sun Xiaoai. Ai said he was boring. Liang Yuxuan kept ignoring Du Meng. Su Xing was angry because of the new babysitter and said that she still hoped Sun Xiaoai would come back to work.

Su Xing explained that she had gone to a medicinal restaurant and would never come back again. Su’s mother is worried about Sun Xiaoai’s goodness, she has no regard for love and righteousness. Su’s mother yelled because the nanny broke the plate, Su Xing hurriedly took Little Pudding to the next door to look for Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai was very indifferent to Su Xing, and Su Xing hurriedly chased Sun Xiaoai to apologize. Sun Xiaoai asked Su Xing to cut the onion, and Su Xing quickly picked up the onion for forgiveness.

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