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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 24 Recap

Liang Yuxuan said that she would drink with Ye Lang and chatted with him. Sun Yihang became jealous when she saw it. Ye Lang helplessly explained Sun Yihang, saying that Liang Yuxuan was deliberately pissing him off just now, and that Liang Yuxuan already liked Sun Yihang, and Sun Yihang suddenly became excited. After experiencing so much, Su Xing finally figured it out, regained his confidence and actively cooperated with rehabilitation and medicine.

Du Meng went back to the bar to sing, because Liang Yuxuan didn’t like singing and preferred to play drums, and Sun Yihang became jealous. Ye Lang comforted Sun Yihang, this in itself is a matter of giving no return. Ye Lang asked Su Xing to try to stand up today. Su Xing supported the wheelchair with both hands and tried to stand up according to Ye Lang’s guidance. Sun Xiaoai looked at the side anxiously and wanted to step forward to help him. Su Xing finally stood up, Sun Xiaoai cried with joy, and Su Xing couldn’t help but shed tears. Ye Lang told Su Xing that he still needs a process of adapting, and what they need next is more practice.

On the day of the press conference, Qi Yue regarded it as a turning point in his life. As long as this day passed, everything would be different. He would give Julie what he wanted. Pete announced that Qi Yue would replace Su Xing as the actor of the Xijiang Lengyue Man No.1. Reporters had different opinions. Su Xing suddenly appeared and stood up in front of everyone. Pete was suddenly stupid. Su Xing said it was Pete who introduced a rehabilitation team to him. He also said that the previous rumors were false. He also expressed his thanks to Qi Yue, Pete and Mr. Yu meaningfully, saying that no one is qualified to take Jiang Liu from him. This role. Peter and Mr. Yu quickly said that Su Xing is the male number one in this play. Qi Yue became a joke at the scene,

On the contrary, Sun Xiaoai was a little bit lost. Ye Lang comforted her not to think about it. She will have to go to the medicated dieter for a while. Pete, who made Su Xing’s high-profile comeback, was caught off guard. Pete wanted to talk to him about renewing his contract. Su Xing left under the pretext of work. Sun Xiaoai told Su Xing that she passed the exam, but Su Xing hung up the phone because of her busy schedule.

The news that Su Xing stood up made fans very happy, and Sun Xiaoai was also very pleased. Pete came to thank Sun Xiaoai for taking care of Su Xing and reminded her of the distance between Su Xing. Now Su Xing has returned to everyone’s sight, so Sun Xiaoai must disappear. Sun Xiaoai was too lazy to pay attention, and Pete issued a check, asking her to take the money and go quickly. Sun Xiaoai poke at Pete’s pain point word by word. Sun Xiaoai originally planned to leave Su Xing, and did not ask for Pete’s check.

Ye Lang asked Sun Xiaoai to eat together and said he would help her celebrate. Qingping saw Sun Xiaoai leaving angrily, and Pete also took the check on the table and left, feeling a little puzzled. Qi Yue fell into a depressed mood again, and Pete said that he would not let him go. Qi Yue had to do his job and wait quietly for the opportunity. Ye Lang hadn’t been home for a long time, so Ye Mu came to him and persuaded him to go home to take over the Jishi Group.

But Ye Lang didn’t plan to do this, and didn’t want his family to trouble him. Ye Mu had to let go. Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang met here, and Ye Lang asked Ye Mu to stay for dinner, and also introduced Sun Xiaoai and Ye Mu. Ye Lang said that Sun Xiaoai can come to work tomorrow. Sun Xiaoai has not resigned yet, so he hopes to report tomorrow afternoon.

Sun Xiaoai said she was going to the bathroom, Ye Lang hurriedly caught up to apologize, Sun Xiaoai said that she really couldn’t think about this matter, after all, she just had a job she liked. Ye Lang expressed his willingness to wait for her and gave her a nice necklace. Ye Lang didn’t tell Sun Xiaoai about the situation at home, and Ye Mu reminded him that some things could not be kept secret, and it might cause knots in his heart. Su Xing returned home from work, and called Sun Xiaoai to say that she would be celebrating tomorrow, and Sun Xiaoai said that he had something to tell him. Qi Yue didn’t know how to face Qi Yue and didn’t answer his phone call, Julie was a little angry.

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