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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 34 Recap

Lei Cheng took out a pan specially made for Xu Tan. The body of the pan was made of lead. If Xu Tan could use this pan to pull backwards, then when he picked up the racket, no matter what kind of racket it was, it would be beautiful. The anti-pull opponent has amazing explosive power. Xu Tan’s training day after day has greatly improved his physical fitness compared to before.

Occasionally, I can still enjoy Wang Siheng’s distress. Xu Tan was a little surprised that she made a fuss and was unavoidably moved. She obviously didn’t like hair bands, but she wanted to “contrary to her conscience” to show her love and enjoy the sweetness. In the end, Xu Tan used his strength to gain the recognition of the players, replacing others’ qualifications for the Universiade.

The whole process of the dispute between Yu Kenan and Zheng Hao was captured by the camera, and Fu Chuanzhi was not allowed to show mercy to his men and decided to suspend training for him for one month. There are still twenty days before the World Cup in Paris, which means that Yu Kenan will lose the chance of this game, and will completely miss the Grand Slam.

Liu Shi is very aware of Yu Kenan’s obsession with the Grand Slam, and he chooses to be desperate to plead with Fu Chuanzhi, and his actions also motivated others. Perhaps because of the objective considerations of the game, or because of the unity of the players, Fu Chuanzhi finally changed his mind to let Yu Kenan have a seat in this game.

At the Shenzhen Universiade in 2011, Xu Tan easily won his opponent, passed the test all the way, defeated many foreign players, and successfully advanced to the final. Before the final, Xu Tan communicated with Wang Siheng on the phone. This sweet feeling was quickly diluted by Yu Kenan’s live broadcast. As long as he wins this Paris match, Yu Kenan is only one step away from the Grand Slam, and this step is the moment for his real strength.

Zhang Caiwei specially came to watch the Yu Kenan game but did not go in. Only when she ran into Xiao Jun outside the arena, she had the opportunity to talk about her thoughts. Zhang Caiwei watched Yu Kenan step by step towards the top. Every time she picked up a racket, she would be blocked by Yu Kenan’s light. She even felt that she could no longer hold a racket. Zhang Caiwei’s heart became more and more anxious, but Yu Kenan became more and more unable to understand her feelings. Perhaps they had already drifted away.

In the final of the Universiade, Xu Tan faced Japan’s Minano Juichi. This person has experienced many world-class competitions. Compared with Xu Tan, Minano Juichi has rich experience in competitions. In the first game, Xu Tan won relatively easily, but from the second game onwards, Minano Juichi was as aggressive as a person, and Xu Tan was unable to fight back.

After Lei Cheng reminded him, Xu Tan discovered that Nanye Juichi is very similar to Yu Kenan. If Xu Tan can’t get rid of all distractions and play with confidence, he will definitely lose miserably. At the beginning of the new round, Xu Tan’s overall popularity has become different, and the gap has been pulled back one by one. When it came to the decisive goal, Xu Tan suddenly made a gesture when he doubled with Yu Kenan, and he suddenly looked like a calm cheetah waiting for his food.

Minano Suichi became Yu Kenan in Xu Tan’s eyes. This last goal was pulled back, allowing Xu Tan to win the championship and the cheers of the audience. When Xu Tan felt that everyone was cheering his name, he suddenly realized what he had always wanted. Xu Tan wants to go to the world, win the world championship and defeat Yu Kenan.

Yu Kenan also won the victory, one step further from the Grand Slam, but his mood seemed very low. At the press conference, Fu Chuanzhi disclosed the fact that Zheng Hao had retired, and transferred Yu Kenan to Teng Biao. When Yu Kenan went to the bathroom, he unexpectedly ran into Jia Yu. Jia Yu, in a suit and leather shoes, claimed to have opened a sports company, and he could even give Yu Kenan a business card with a smile.

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