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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 33 Recap

The parents in the hospital do not need Xu Tan to take care of them all the time. He is now full of heart on how to raise enough treatment fees and arrears. Sitting on the bus back to school, Wang Siheng pretended to be asleep and accidentally leaned on Xu Tan’s shoulder, feeling that he was holding Xu Tan’s hand lightly and being held tightly by the other’s backhand. The thoughts of the two people were self-evident. Although it was not stated in the mouth, the relationship of love was established, and finally after the change and exhaustion, there is one thing that can make Xu Tan happy and comfortable.

In order to be able to collect enough money as soon as possible, Xu Tan met with Guoben’s Mr. Zhang under Fu Jingchun’s matchmaking, and asked the other party to treat the main players. Xu Tan’s performance is already considered a strong player in the club, but he has not participated in any world-class competition after all. Regarding the main treatment, Mr. Zhang seems a bit embarrassed.

Xu Tan’s willingness to join the club is also for the money. He took the initiative to make a military order. If he wins in the subsequent games, Mr. Zhang will need to give him the main treatment, otherwise the salary will be as happy as the other party. Xu Tan was forced to a dead end, but what he didn’t expect was that the next game against Guoben was actually Yu Kenan. Once Xu Tan is defeated, he will not only be forced to enter Guoben, but he is also not qualified to be picky about treatment.

Before the game, Fu Jingchun still hopes that Xu Tan will be placed in the second single, but Mr. Zhang obviously wants Xu Tan to face the impossible opponent Yu Kenan, so that he can not only play Tianji horse racing, It can also sign Xu Tan to the greatest extent and at the lowest price. It was a foregone conclusion, Xu Tan did not escape, he packed up his mood and prepared for the first official game.

The game officially started, Yu Kenan was as thoughtful as Xu Tan, and turned a deaf ear to the cheers of the outside world. The scores tied each other, and at a six-to-six tie, Yu Kenan finally gradually entered the state, crushing Xu Tan’s score to death. No one was happy with the victory in the first game, even Yu Kenan himself. Zheng Hao is very dissatisfied with his performance. A person who was withdrawn from the national team can still get six points in the hands of Kenan. This seems to be a shame for him as a coach.

In the second game, Xu Tan was suppressed again and desperately desperate. He suddenly remembered the result of training with Lei Cheng. Xu Tan has been forced into a dead end, and there is no need to hesitate about things that he didn’t dare to before. Zheng Hao didn’t expect Xu Tan to be able to play such a ball under Kenan, and immediately called the game to a halt. Unexpectedly, Zheng Hao and Yu Kenan had a head-on conflict in front of the media because of this.

The game was not over, and Xu Tan’s victory was meaningless. Although he successfully signed with Guoben with the main treatment, Xu Tan still cared more about being upright with Yu Kenan and playing a good match. Wang Siheng was determined to become the president of Xu Tan’s support club. With her company, Xu Tan didn’t feel lonely, and began to be full of fighting spirit.

Xu Tan wants to meet Yu Kenan in a real game. Only by constantly improving himself and participating in various competitions can he meet more possibilities. Therefore, Xu Tan changed his mind and wanted to participate in the Universiade, but Feng Zhonghe gave this opportunity to others.

It turned out that everything Feng Zhonghe did was instructed by Lei Cheng behind his back. He just wanted Xu Tan to rush, fight for, and hold on! Lei Cheng came to the school’s table tennis training room, and once again focused on analyzing the results of the game with Xu Tan from an objective perspective. It is undeniable that if the game is not abandoned halfway, then the probability of winning the game is Yu Kenan.

The two masters and apprentices analyze Yu Kenan’s characteristics and Xu Tan’s own shortcomings. The shortcomings of the backhand will become Xu Tan’s weakness for being suppressed by his opponents. The same thing, speaking from Zheng Hao’s mouth would dampen Xu Tan’s self-confidence, but speaking from Lei Cheng’s mouth, it gave Xu Tan the determination to overcome it.

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