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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 31 Recap

Today, the table tennis school team training room of Luteng Normal University welcomed an old friend who surprised Feng Zhonghe. Taking advantage of the rain, Wang Siheng deliberately asked Xu Tan to send her back to the school team under the pretext of not bringing her umbrella. When Xu Tan saw Lei Cheng, he subconsciously wanted to escape.

The reason why Xu Tan chose a normal university instead of a sports school is because he decided to give up table tennis. Since you can’t enter the world-class competition, it is better to give up completely than to go out for training camp for a few years. In Xu Tan’s heart, there is only the ultimate and giving up, and there is no moderation.

With Lei Cheng’s arrival this time, Xu Tan chose to pick up the table tennis racket again and officially joined the school team. When Feng Zhonghe watched Lei Cheng help Xu Tan train, he also felt a long-lost joy. Since Lei Cheng became a doubles with someone decades ago, he has never seen Lei Cheng look so happy again.

The school team watched the analysis of the game. A video of Yu Kenan’s game is being played on TV. Feng Zhonghe, considering that Xu Tan and Yu Kenan are in the national team, deliberately wanted him to analyze. Xu Tan watched Yu Kenan on TV and was a little lost and lonely. He even denied the fact that he knew him. He still hadn’t come out of the previous events.

Xu Tanzheng was frustrated, and occasionally talked to his father and let him know that his father was undergoing an examination in the hospital. For a whole day, Xu Tan could no longer get through his parents’ calls, and became more indifferent to everything and anyone. Being late for normal training and ignoring people’s answers, Wang Siheng was a little surprised whether he always rejected making friends like this. At this moment, Xu Tan has somewhat of the shadow of Yu Kenan back then.

Until the evening, Xu Tan finally got through to his mother’s phone. On the phone, the mother confessed that they had lost contact all day because the couple was on the plane and had already arrived in Jiuzhaigou at the moment. My mother hung up the phone very quickly. She seemed afraid that talking too much would let Xu Tan see the flaws. In order not to disturb Xu Tan’s study and life, the two elders deliberately concealed the fact that Xu Zhan was ill.

Xu Tan temporarily put aside his concern for his parents, and regained his mood to face the training. When watching the video of Yu Kenan’s game again, Xu Tan was willing to analyze the explanation positively and see Yu Kenan’s recent progress more intuitively. Wanting to defeat Yu Kenan, he used a strong offensive pullback to defeat the opponent on the grounds of defensive as offensive, and what Xu Tan needed to do was to put aside the idea of ​​”Don’t dare”.

Under Lei Cheng’s careful guidance, Xu Tan played his best state time and time again to conduct anti-latitude training. After a ball hit, Lei Cheng failed to receive the ball, and the ball directly knocked down the baffle behind Lei Cheng. Xu Tan’s strength is gradually erupting from his body, and the results of the special training are beginning to be effective.

Soon to the Universiade, Feng Zhonghe intentionally asked Xu Tan to sign up. Participating in this competition means that he will have to face many opponents and face old faces. Feng Zhonghe never thought that Xu Tan would refuse, decisively, without discussing it.

The National Table Tennis Team will hold an exchange meeting to commemorate the first time the Chinese Table Tennis Team won the World Table Tennis Championships men’s team championship trophy in Luteng 50 years ago. At that time, Corning and Fang Yue will attend this event.

Liu Shi often went to Yuan Ran to massage her waist injury, and his feelings fell deeply. After learning that Yuan Ran was a die-hard Corning fan, he promised that the other party could find a way to let her participate in the event and could meet Corning. Liu Shi asked Qin Zhen to no avail, so he could only pin his hopes on Kenan. In return, Yuan Ran specially asked his friends in Germany to prepare a romantic surprise for Zhang Caiwei.

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