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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 27 Recap

In the bedroom, Liu E specifically talked to Wan’er that when the Daliao envoys left, Mu Yi left with him. Liu E knew that Wan’er had a lot of affection for Mu Yi, so he specifically informed. Sure enough, Wan’er was stunned when she heard that, only wishing Mu Yi would do it voluntarily.

Wang Ji anxiously waited for Fei Cao to give birth at the door. The first cry came out. The midwife came out holding a baby boy excitedly. Unexpectedly, Wang Ji’s expression did not become happy. Instead, he said silently: It shouldn’t be. .

Hearing that King Ji had won the seventh son, Yuan Kan couldn’t help but miss his two princes. In order to send Jill away for a better life, Yuan Kan specially invited monks to do it, so that Jill left with peace of mind.

Wang Qinruo received the marriage letter from Ding Wei and looked at it carefully, but Mrs. Wang on the side was not satisfied with Ding Wei. But what Wang Qinruo values ​​is that Ding Wei’s son Ding Xianrong is the candidate for the husband in the future, and the future of Ding Wei is bound to be very bright. After hearing this, Mrs. Wang realized that it seemed that her daughter had met with a good marriage.

The Mid-Autumn Festival banquet was held in the palace, but Yuan Kan and Liu E did not show up for a long time, making everyone very puzzled. It turned out to be Yuan Kan’s headache again. Looking at Huang Jingzhong’s painful face, Liu E wanted to cancel the banquet, but Yuan Kan couldn’t bear it.

Today’s Mid-Autumn Festival is the first time since Liu E entered the palace. Yuan Kan wants to celebrate the festival with Liu E. Reading that Yuan Kan was so caring, Liu E also tried his best to relieve Yuan Kan’s headache. The wooden comb in Liu E’s hand reminded Yuan Kan of the two people’s love. He couldn’t help smiling, and his headache gradually faded.

Yuan Kan and Liu E finally appeared in costumes, but Yushu watched Yuan Kan take Liu E by the hand and let him sit beside him. This scene made Yu Shu very upset. Seeing Yue’er sneaking to Yushu’s ear and saying a few words, Yushu walked in front of Yuan Kan and suggested that Liu E should come to dance for the fun.

Who knows that Yingluo on the side will talk about it, let Yushu, who is a piano player, come here. Accompaniment, let Liu E play the drums. Yu Shu’s expression changed, but he could only ask for trouble and sat down to Fuqin. The piano and drums sounded and everyone was immersed in the sound of the piano.

At this moment, a civet cat climbed onto the roof and jumped in front of Liu E. Liu E was scared and screamed. The civet cat ran to Yu Shu’s knee and scratched Yu Shu’s paw. Su Yijian hurriedly drew his sword to kill, and then stopped panic. But this civet cat had an unknown meaning, which made Yuan Kan very worried and made a special search, but nothing was found.

The maid offered medicine to Yu Shu, but Yu Shu was still worried about the civet cat. Yue’er came to report. Fortunately, Zhang Jingzong and others searched and found no results. Now the civet cat has been buried outside the palace, but Yushu’s face is still worried. Change, there seems to be some secret afraid of being discovered.

Su Yijian saw Liu E’s very worried appearance. She must be worried about the civet cat. Su Yijian suspects that this incident was designed by Pan Yushu to frame Liu E. The civet cat in the palace represents a taboo. If Liu E is attacked, it will definitely be stained. The meaning of the unknown, then the NPC will make a fuss again. But now Yushu himself has been arrested, and it seems that the suspicion has been eliminated.

Liu E recalled that when he came to the Queen’s Palace to treat Zhao You, she had seen an old lady holding a civet cat, but when she met the lady again this morning, she had her tongue cut off. All kinds of suspicions all hinted at the struggle in the palace, Liu E felt that he was trapped in a whirlpool and couldn’t escape.

Yuan Kan sent someone to deliver the ointment to Yu Shu, but Yu Shu still remembered that when he was arrested yesterday, Yuan Kan was only thinking of Liu E. Yue’er also talked about Li Wan’er now as Jieyu, but she had never been to bed. Yu Shu was indeed a ridicule, but when she recalled that the civet cat trick she had laid down failed, Yu Shu couldn’t help but begin to believe that maybe everything was God’s will.

The civet cat incident of the Mid-Autumn Festival banquet has spread among the maids. Even Li Wan’er heard the discussion of the maids. The maids really began to suspect that Liu E had attracted the civet cat, which must be an ominous omen. But Li Wan’er sternly stopped the discussion of the palace ladies and prohibited the rumors from spreading. On the other hand, Yingluo has been distressed by rumors in recent days, which has affected Liu E, but Liu E, who is at the center of the rumors, disagrees, and what she really worries about is not this one.

Li Wan’er looked out the window bitterly, thinking of Qi Mu Yi. Wan’er was very touched when the former nanny of the Prince Xiang’s Mansion came to visit. When she learned that the nanny had been entrusted by Liu E and prepared a warm soup, Wan’er was very touched, but she still couldn’t let go of the sorrow between her brows.

The nurse also understood that she explained specifically for Liu E that Mu Yi’s departure was not Liu E’s will, but could not put down the iron mirror. Wan’er naturally knew that Liu E had taken care of herself, but now that she heard the cares Liu E had never mentioned before and that she had never mentioned, Wan’er felt a deeper level of gratitude. After sending it to the nanny, Li Wan’er told the maid to go to Liu E.

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