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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 26 Recap

Yuan Kan found Liu E and talked about the military newspaper in Shaanxi. Liu Ebing is smart and decisive in decision-making. He is the best candidate for Yuan Kan. Now that his physical condition is worrying, if he entrusts the court to Liu E, it is also a very safe choice. However, Liu E was still worried that Yuan Kan would be embarrassed by the minister after hearing this. He only comforted Qi Yuan Kan that he would definitely live a long and healthy life.

Wang Ji specially brought his son Xiaowu to visit his brother Yuan Ji. Yuan Ji’s mental state has not improved, but Wang Ji has to be a dead horse doctor and express his worries to Yuan Ji, but Yuan Ji’s crazy state makes Ji Wang have nothing to say, so he has to push the door and leave.

Yuan Kan and Wang Ji came to drink tea together, and the two of them mentioned the Emperor’s issue again. Prince Ji has many heirs. Yuan Kan looked at King Ji as if he had seen himself trying to shirk himself. Yuan Kan wanted to make King Ji the prince. But at this time, Wang Ji, who was in a panic, mistakenly thought that Yuan Kan was still testing himself.

He knelt down quickly, tremblingly trying to prove his innocence. It was at this time that Yuan Kan’s headache struck. In order not to reveal his condition, he hurriedly asked Wang Ji to be taken away, but he did not know that this time, the darker and darker…

Cao Lii and Cao Taifu talked about succession to the throne, and couldn’t understand why his father kept staring at the throne all day. Cao used to persuade his father to give up helping the king of Ji to fight for the throne as soon as possible. The king of Ji in front of him is just a literati who only knows how to play piano, chess, calligraphy and painting.

Ji Wang returned to his home in a haunted manner, recalling the words and sentences he had chatted with Yuan Kan, and Yuan Kan finally showed disgust. The king of Ji believed that Yuan Kan was about to commit a crime, just as if he had lost his mind, holding a knife in his hand and staggering at his sons… Yuan Kan hurriedly put down his pen and hurried away in person. After receiving the report from Jiading, Tai Fu Cao also hurried over, only to see her daughter kneeling and begging Ji Wang to let the children go. But the ineffective King Ji was already blushing.

When the two were in a stalemate, Yuan Kan suddenly rushed to him and asked about the reason for his madness. It turned out that he was misunderstood because of his headache. Yuan Kan was heartbroken. He only heard his trusted brother kneeling on the ground and crying bitterly. Yuan Kan was heartbroken, but he couldn’t say anything.

The Daliao envoy came to Song Miansheng. Yelu stayed behind and said that Queen Mother Xiao wanted to marry Princess Xiaoyang and Yuan Kan. Before Yuan Kan could think about it, Yelu stayed behind and mentioned that Daliao’s treasury was in deficit and needed millions of silver relief.

Seeing Yuan Kan’s face turned awkward, Kou Zhun hurriedly came out to make a round. When it comes to discussing in the future, Yelu stayed behind and retreated. Afterwards, Liu E had no intention of seeing the portrait of Princess Xiao Yang in the Imperial Study Room, so he looked at Yuan Kan. Yuan Kan took the initiative to ask Liu E’s opinion.

Liu E thought of the royal family’s descendants, and proposed to agree to it. But Yuan Kan again mentioned Xiao Chuo’s loan of money, and Liu E understood the intention of the envoy of the Liao Dynasty this time, and proposed to give some more annual money, and he should not lend such a huge amount. Yuan Kan agreed. After arriving at the court to discuss with the ministers, Su Yijian was the first to oppose and questioned Xiao Chuo’s intentions.

Kou Zhun even said the same solution as Liu E. Yuan Kan was very relieved and immediately adopted Kou Zhun’s opinions. . After the court, Yuan Kan and Bi Shian talked about Kou Zhun and talked about the plaque at the time. Bi Shian said that he had found out that someone in the court was jealous and deliberately cheated. Yuan Kan couldn’t help raising doubts after hearing this, but he still didn’t need to go into it deeply and focused on reusing talents.

After sending off the Daliao envoy, Ding Wei finally felt relieved and had to drink tea. Suddenly heard a flute sound, Ding Wei ran after him and saw a beauty sitting behind the bead curtain. The beauty mentioned Ding Wei’s self-reported identity and asked him to compose a poem. Unexpectedly, Ding Wei, who has extraordinary literary talent, silently drank a sip of tea and then exported it into chapters. The beauty really wore a veil and opened the bead curtain to meet. The beauty left four verses and then wanted to leave in a hurry.

Who knew she accidentally dropped the hairpin, Ding Wei asked to wear it for the beauty, and the beauty was shy. go away. It turns out that this beauty is Wang Yuru, the second daughter of Wang Qinruo. At first sight, there was a feeling of affection between the two. Yuru guessed whether Ding Wei intended. Who knows that the maid explained that Ding said that the act of inserting the hairpin was meant to ask for relatives, and Yuru couldn’t help but give birth to more meanings. .

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