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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 25 Recap

Liu E stepped out of the carriage and was greeted by everyone, recalling that Qin would replace Li Wan’er to serve Liu E in the future. Liu E took Zhao Ji’s spiritual card and walked side by side with Yuan Kan to Taimiao. Seeing Yuan Kan finally brought Jill home, Liu E was relieved, as if the pain of the past few years was worth it.

When the Pan family learned that Yushu gave birth to Princess Six Fingers, they were very angry. Now that the Queen’s position is vacant, it is a good time for Yu Shu to take the upper position. Pan Liang was fanning the flames, Yu Shu silently shed tears, and secretly made up his mind to take back what he deserved.

Liu E continued to massage Yuan Kan to relieve headaches. At this moment, Lingzhou’s urgent report came, which repelled the smallpox, and the party chaos began in the northwest. This blow caused Yuan Kan to have a splitting headache and fainted on the ground. Liu E hurriedly urged him to come to the imperial physician.

After diagnosis, the imperial physician hesitantly said that Yuan Kan has experienced repeated blows of losing his son and losing her queen in the past few years, and incurable disease breeds in a state of extreme anxiety. Liu E was shocked when he heard it, and stood still for a long time and couldn’t get over it. After finally cheering up, Liu E took Mr. Dong to the Imperial Study Room and told him not to disclose his condition, otherwise he would be full of crimes.

King Ji was painting leisurely in the mansion, and Taifu Cao deliberately knocked on the side and said about the current situation in the palace, trying to remind King Ji not to forget important events. Before leaving, Taifu Cao said, now that Wang Ji has many sons and more blessings, if he wants to remind Yuan Kan of this, he is afraid that he will have to say something. Ji Wang, who was originally calm, changed his face and fell into thinking.

Liu E watched Yuan Kan’s sleeping face. The time for the previous dynasty was up. Zhang Jingzong hurried to remind him. Liu E asked Jing Zong whether Yuan Kan had been in a coma in the past few years. This was what Jing Zong said. Yuan Kan had already concealed his illness at the beginning of the year and insisted on going to court with the illness. Imagining the pain and hardship Yuan Kan experienced, Liu E felt sore in his eyes again, and ordered Jing Zong to let the minister retreat and send the memorial to the palace.

As soon as Jing Zong came to the palace to announce the emperor’s orally, Ding Wei presented a memorial about the drought in Shaanxi and the Northwest Dangxiang chaos, which has reached the point of urgency. Jing Zong quickly took it, and then the ministers dispersed. Taifu Cao secretly found Zhang Jingzong and asked about Yuan Kan’s current situation. Jing Zongnian told him the truth when he was the veteran of the two dynasties. After hearing that, Taifu Cao stayed in place, quietly thinking.

Liu E carefully read the memorial handed by Jing Zong and ordered him to retreat. Wan’er reported that Yuan Kan had no signs of waking up. In desperation, Liu E could only come to Zhu Mo, otherwise the memorial box would be delayed. Wan’er understood that the situation was urgent, so she had to find Zhu Mo and waited beside Liu E.

Taifu Cao hurried to King Ji, passed what Jing Zong had said to King Ji, instructed King Ji to visit the emperor, and urged him to establish a prince. But at this time Wang Ji didn’t have the thought of seizing the throne at all, and just wanted to live in stability. But Taifu Cao deliberately used the fate of King Xu and King Chu to remind King Ji that he is now in a vortex and cannot escape. King Ji pretended to be calm, but sent away Taifu Cao, but fell into the chair by himself.

Liu E has approved most of the memorials, holding the memorial that Taishi Guo wants to return to the hometown. Seeing Taishi Guo assisting the emperor of the two dynasties, now that his relatives have passed away, Liu E was afraid that he would end up depressed when he returned home alone, so he put this temporarily Put aside.

There was a sound from the bed net, presumably Yuan Kan was awake, Liu E hurried forward and told him in advance about the memorial review. When Yuan Kan listened to Liu E’s detailed explanation and arranged everything properly, he felt a lot of comfort in his heart. Liu E talked about Guo Xian’s memorial again. Yuan Kan listened to it and walked to check it. He agreed with Liu E’s approach in his heart.

The housekeeper of Guo’s house packed his luggage, Guo Xian lay down on the chair with a decadent expression, Mrs. Guo smashed her mouth while tidying up. The two of them waited for the emperor to approve the memorial, and a generation of celebrities came to an end. Unexpectedly, Jiading hurried to inform that it was Liu E who came. The two elders hurried to greet him, and saw that Liu E was not hostile, but talked with Guo Xian very kindly. Guo Xian recalled his affair with Liu E, and now the retribution fell on his grandson and daughter.

Suddenly, grief came from it, and tears were shed. Liu E tried his best to keep Guo Xian, thinking that he was able to enter the Prince Xiang’s Mansion at the beginning, thanks to Guo Qingyi’s tolerance, Liu E was willing to take care of the two elders instead of Qingyi. Guo Xian was caught off guard by Liu E’s sudden salute, and he was extremely moved in the panic. It turned out that Liu E in front of him was not a threat, but his kindheartedness made Guo Xian impressed. ,

Wang Ji stayed at home, but received a secret letter from Mrs. Cao. When he opened it, he wrote that Yuan Kan had always looked healthy and did not look sick. Wang Ji suspected that Yuan Kan ordered Zhang Jingzong to lie to Cao Taifu. In order to spy on himself, Yuan Kan may have begun to have suspicions about himself at this moment. Ji Wang’s heart sank, and he fell into the wooden chair again.

Shaanxi’s military report was delivered, and after Liu E’s approval, the disaster relief has been successful, the war in the Northwest has been calmed down, and the world is peaceful. Yuan Kan, who was still anxious, couldn’t help feeling relieved a lot…

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