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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 8 Recap

Zhou Jianqing’s assistant did a mess, and even caused Gu Nanzhou to make a fool of himself in front of the client. Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou directly freaked out. Zhou Zixuan was very angry when he saw Zhou Jianqing carrying a bunch of things and was scolded by Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Zixuan was here to give Zhou Jianqing food. Zhou Jianqing quickly drove him away. Gu Nanzhou would not allow Zhou Zixuan to come again, otherwise the rent would double and Zhou Jianqing would cry without tears.

Gu Nanzhou’s project was not going well, Jiang Jingxuan took his favorite food very intimately, belittling Zhou Jianqing. Jiang Jingxuan said that Gu Nanzhou needed to attend an awards ceremony, but the female partner could accept the award on her behalf, and Gu Nanzhou let Jiang Jingxuan handle it. Gu Nanzhou was surrounded by the tour group, and the crowd phobia occurred again. Gu Nanzhou supported Zhou Jianqing on the phone, but Zhou Jianqing did not hear him at school.

Gu Nanzhou fainted again, Jiang Jingxuan sent him home, because he was worried that Gu Nanzhou Jiang Jingxuan would not leave, and also helped him hang up Zhou Jianqing’s call, Gu Nanzhou was not feeling well. Zhang Yin accompanied Zhou Jianqing to the library to paint, and did not go home until ten o’clock in the evening. Gu Nanzhou was a little angry, complaining that she would never forget what she told Jiang Jingxuan. Zhou Jianqing called to ask Jiang Jingxuan about the award ceremony. Jiang Jingxuan asked her to wear a comfortable dress, and asked her to come by herself, but she chose a very beautiful dress.

The next day, Zhou Jianqing unconsciously chose a One Piece T-shirt and set off. After arriving at the venue, seeing that everyone was wearing very formal, Zhou Jianqing was a little embarrassed, Jiang Jingxuan beat her and said she was simple. Zhou Jianqing swallowed his anger, Gu Nanzhou simply asked Jiang Jingxuan to act for Zhou Jianqing, Zhou Jianqing left in a huff, and then realized that Jiang Jingxuan liked Gu Nanzhou.

Nebula Animation’s “Ant Paradise” won the award, but the introduction of Gu Nanzhou’s fiancee did not change. Just as Jiang Jingxuan was preparing to present the award, Zhou Jianqing changed into a dress and killed him. The award speech was sincere and moving, and won warm applause. Jiang Jingxuan gritted his teeth with anger, and Gu Nanzhou was also very satisfied.

The reporter chased Zhou Jianqing’s project to ask about Nebula, and Zhou Jianqing went to the bathroom after he had dealt with it, and happened to meet Jiang Jingxuan. Jiang Jingxuan took off the tag from Zhou Jianqing’s dress, and the two of them fought with each other, and neither of them would give in. Zhou Jianqing began to feel annoyed that he shouldn’t be able to do so, even the dress could not be retired. Because of Zhou Jianqing’s remarks, Mr. He admired Nebula’s project very much. Gu Nanzhou saw through Zhou Jianqing’s careful thinking and planned to help her reimburse the dress money. Zhou Jianqing was very happy. Zhou Jianqing was too late to submit the paper, so he had to divide Zhang Yin and said that Gu Nanzhou was staring at her very closely and it was too late to fish.

Gu Nanzhou and Mr. He finished talking about cooperation. They were worried when Zhou Jianqing hadn’t come back. The employees were also talking about her lack of energy and thoughts over the past few days. Gu Nanzhou narcissistically thought she was reluctant to leave her. Jiang Jingxuan asked Gu Nanzhou if he wanted to keep Zhou Jianqing in the company, and overheard them pretending to be an unmarried couple. Jiang Xiaochuan was discharged from the hospital in two days. Zhou Jianqing was so happy that he couldn’t wait to get out of the sea of ​​suffering immediately, but Gu Nanzhou became angry. The boss said that Zhou Jianqing’s cartoon male protagonist had no characteristics, and Zhou Jianqing simply substituted Gu Nanzhou in.

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