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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 7 Recap

Gu Nanzhou was absent-minded during the meeting, and didn’t forget to send a message to ask Zhou Jianqing if he had packed his things. The secretary said that Zhou Jianqing came to him and Gu Nanzhou went out quickly. Hearing that Zhou Jianqing could not move home for the time being, Gu Nanzhou was secretly happy, Zhou Jianqing began to beg Gu Nanzhou to take in her for a period of time. In the future, as long as Gu Nanzhou can use her place, she will die without paying any money.

Zhou Jianqing began to sell badly again, Gu Nanzhou finally let go, Zhou Jianqing happily held his arm and shook it. Gu Nanzhou immediately received a call from Gu’s mother. Gu Nanzhou asked why Gu Nanzhou wanted to be with Zhou Jianqing. Gu Nanzhou said that he really wanted to be with Zhou Jianqing. Gu’s mother was immediately happy. She especially liked Zhou Jianqing, and Gu Nanzhou had to go back and make peace. Zhou Jianqing apologized.

Zhou Jianqing asked Gu Nanzhou to ask Jiang Xiaochuan and Jiang Jingxuan to come home for dinner. Jiang Xiaochuan immediately agreed, but Jiang Jingxuan had an appointment at night. Jiang Xiaochuan began to analyze that Zhou Jianqing did not want to leave. After all, people like Gu Nanzhou are the favorites of the public, and Zhou Jianqing would definitely not be able to refuse to show off his charm. Jiang Xiaochuan worked hard to match Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou at the dinner table. Gu Nanzhou did not eat crabs, so Zhou Jianqing gave Jiang Xiaochuan a plate of crabs. The two officially began to live together. Zhou Jianqing froze because Gu Nanzhou’s letter paper was exactly the same as the person who sponsored her to go to school. Zhou Jianqing went to Gu Nanzhou with questions. Gu Nanzhou’s heart was pounding. Zhou Jianqing asked if he would write a letter, but Gu Nanzhou denied it.

Jiang Xiaochuan had to be hospitalized for food poisoning, because the crab was dead, so Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing to take over Jiang Xiaochuan’s job, and she was also looking for an internship in the company. Gu Nanzhou asked Zhou Jianqing to wake up at 6:30. Zhou Jianqing woke up at almost eight o’clock, and rushed to the room to wake Gu Nanzhou from bed. Zhou Jianqing tidied up Gu Nanzhou’s coat vigorously, and took him out of the house. He also pulled Gu Nanzhou out of the car for breakfast in the middle of the journey. Gu Nanzhou disliked the stall environment, and the car was blocked by someone else’s car. Gu Nanzhou was about to be late, and it was too late to take a taxi. Zhou Jianqing had to pull Gu Nanzhou into a tricycle and finally rushed to the company.

Zhou Jianqing temporarily became Gu Nanzhou’s assistant. Jiang Jingxuan said that he could come, but Gu Nanzhou refused. Gu Nanzhou’s attitude towards animation is very serious, Zhou Jianqing agrees very much, and he did not expect that Gu Nanzhou is the kind of thing that he insists on doing well in spite of everyone’s opposition. Making anime is Gu Nanzhou’s dream since he was a child, and Zhou Jianqing admired him very much. Zhou Jianqing was sleepy at school, and the teacher asked her to participate in an animation competition. Gu Nanzhou urged Zhou Jianqing to bring him lunch. Zhou Jianqing hurriedly returned to the company with lunch, then sorted out documents and served coffee. Gu Nanzhou mistakenly thought that Zhou Jianqing really liked him.

In the evening, Gu Nanzhou accidentally saw Zhou Jianqing’s cartoons and old photos on her computer, and suddenly understood that Zhou Jianqing’s work “No.19 Paradise Street” was really not plagiarized, but her old house. Gu Nanzhou reproached himself and apologized to Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing was very magnanimous. Although their first impressions of each other were very poor, they gradually discovered each other’s strengths. Zhou Jianqing gradually sat up next to Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou was suddenly nervous, thinking she wanted to confess, but he didn’t expect Zhou Jianqing to just want to eat a bowl of instant noodles.

Zhou Jianqing made the instant noodles and asked Gu Nanzhou to taste it too. Gu Nanzhou kept saying not to eat junk food, but the result was still delicious, and the two naively began to grab the noodles.

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