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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 6 Recap

Zhou Jianqing recited to the hospital. She was allergic to drugs, but fortunately, there was nothing serious. Gu Nanzhou thought that Zhou Jianqing must have accidentally drunk his medicine to blame herself for this. Gu Nanzhou stayed with Zhou Jianqing in the hospital for one night. The next morning, Zhou Jianqing woke up to find that he was a little confused in the hospital, and then rushed home to fetch the manuscript. Gu Nanzhou directly pressed her on the bed in order to prevent her from being ambiguous.

Zhou Jianqing said that if she couldn’t cut the draft, she wouldn’t have this job. She really needed this job, so Gu Nanzhou had to ask Jiang Xiaochuan to get her drawing board. Jiang Jingxuan heard that Zhou Jianqing was ill and offered to help her get things, and said that Gu Nanzhou would only eat her peeled apples.

Gu Nanzhou was going to the supermarket, Zhou Jianqing yelled for snacks and asked him to buy sanitary napkins, but Gu Nanzhou refused. Jiang Jingxuan naturally picked up the water that Gu Nanzhou had drunk, saying that she was used to it. Gu Nanzhou carefully selected sanitary napkins in the supermarket. Jiang Xiaochuan wanted to eat snacks. Gu Nanzhou didn’t buy them. Jiang Xiaochuan thought he had been in love for a long time, so he was so devoted to Zhou Jianqing, and Gu Nanzhou refused to admit it.

Zhou Jianqing asked him to buy hair ties, but Gu Nanzhou didn’t know what the Mori girl was, so he had to buy all of them. Zhou Jianqing was allergic to mango, Gu Nanzhou asked Jiang Jingxuan and Jiang Xiaochuan to go back to the company first, and let Zhou Jianqing rest for a while. Gu Nanzhou stayed to take care of Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing said that he wanted to rest alone, so Gu Nanzhou had to leave.

As soon as Gu Nanzhou left, Zhang Yin came. Zhang Yin felt distressed when Zhou Jianqing took some drips and advised her to stop painting. Zhou Jianqing was very stubborn, so Zhang Yin had to help her paint the rest. When Gu Nanzhou came back, he was very anxious to see that Zhou Jianqing had finished playing every bit, but he didn’t expect that Zhou Jianqing was busy taking photos and sending it to Moments to ask his boss for credit. Gu Nanzhou was almost furious. Gu Nanzhou drove away Zhang Yin angrily, saying that she didn’t need him to take care of him. Zhang Yin quarreled with Gu Nanzhou in a fit of anger. He didn’t understand how much Zhou Jianqing liked comics. What would she do if she lost her job because of Gu Nanzhou! Zhou Jianqing also insisted on finishing the manuscript, so Gu Nanzhou had to let her continue to paint, sitting by herself and staring at the two.

After Zhou Jianqing finished the painting, Gu Nanzhou immediately went forward to drive people, and then confiscated the snacks Zhang Yin had brought. Zhou Jianqing received a call from Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Jianqing hesitated to work overtime at the company. Zhou Zixuan was going to the company again and had to wait for her at the door. Zhou Jianqing quickly found an excuse to hang up, and then asked Su Youxia to find an excuse to call Zhou Zi. Xuan take away. In order to prevent Zhou Zixuan from knowing that Zhou Jianqing was hospitalized, Su Youxia pestered him every day after he got off work. After exhausting various reasons, Zhou Zixuan thought she had a stomachache, so she went directly to the hospital.

Gu Nanzhou was walking with Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing could be discharged from the hospital today. Zhou Zixuan and Su Youxia came in and saw Zhou Jianqing, and both of them hurriedly hid. Su Youxia did a check, and Zhou Zixuan immediately went to Zhou Jianqing. Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou, who had just been discharged from the hospital, started acting in front of him again. Zhou Zixuan, who was tired and crooked, couldn’t stand it and left. Zhou Jianqing asked Zhou Zixuan not to come to them all day, just like a wicked mother-in-law, Zhou Zixuan was helpless and could only agree. Zhou Jianqing said that Zhou Zixuan would not come again, and she could move out tomorrow, but Gu Nanzhou felt a little uncomfortable, asking Zhou Jianqing to clear all her traces before leaving.

The night before Zhou Jianqing left, Gu Nanzhou was walking around in the room, while Zhou Jianqing was busy cleaning. Gu Nanzhou couldn’t sleep, drank the medicine and lay on the bed. Early the next morning, Zhou Jianqing carried his suitcase and was about to leave. When he entered his room to put a note, Zhou Jianqing accidentally found his book on the bedside table. Gu’s mother came and was surprised to see Zhou Jianqing here. When she saw their photos, she thought they were really together. The reason why Zhou Jianqing wanted to move out was because of a quarrel. Zhou Jianqing simply continued, Gu’s mother immediately became anxious, and took Zhou Jianqing’s hand and said that she was in charge of her and let her stay here. Zhou Jianqing cried and didn’t know how to refuse.

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