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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 5 Recap

Early the next morning, Zhou Zixuan came to Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou’s house was not closed. When Zhou Zixuan entered the bedroom, he saw Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing sleeping together. Zhou Zixuan carried Gu Nanzhou’s collar and hit it off. Zhou Jianqing hurriedly stopped Zhou Zixuan and told him that he and Gu Nanzhou were engaged. He also said that they were true love, and there was absolutely no interest in them. Zhou Zixuan issued a soul question, asking them what they were after, and Zhou Jianqing quickly answered Gu Nanzhou.

Zhou Zixuan refused to agree with the two of them, because they did not understand each other, Zhou Jianqing hurriedly drove Gu Nanzhou back and said that he wanted to talk to Zhou Zixuan. Zhou Zixuan felt that Gu Nanzhou didn’t really like Zhou Jianqing, but Zhou Jianqing recalled Gu Nanzhou’s marriage proposal to him and made a happy look. Zhou Zixuan said that the money owed must be paid back. Don’t make the relationship between Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou unclear at that time. Any problems found during the running-in period were immediately broken, Zhou Jianqing quickly agreed.

Zhou Zixuan finally left, but he will come tomorrow. Zhou Jianqing was afraid that he would be suspicious, so he begged Gu Nanzhou to stay a few more days and promised to do something in exchange. Gu Nanzhou set many rules for Zhou Jianqing, although Zhou Jianqing was unhappy, he could only agree. Zhou Zixuan came to ask Su Youxia about Zhou Jianqing and Gu Nanzhou. He felt that Gu Nanzhou must have a problem, and Su Youxia could only answer that he didn’t know.

Su Youxia asked Zhou Jianqing to think about how to deal with Zhou Zixuan, Zhou Jianqing began to complain about Gu Nanzhou’s various quirks, each of which made Zhou Jianqing tortured and unwilling to live, even Zhou Jianqing’s diet had to be regulated. Su Youxia said that Zhou Zixuan had a lot of suspicions, so Zhou Jianqing must pay attention to it.

Zhou Jianqing was extremely distressed. Zhou Jianqing came to Gu Nanzhou with the chicken soup he made, saying that he was thanking him for taking him in, and had to watch him drink the chicken soup before leaving. Then he took a selfie with Gu Nanzhou while he was drinking the soup, but Gu Nanzhou had to delete it. Zhou Jianqing quickly said that Gu’s mother already knew about their engagement, and that Gu Nanzhou could use these photos to deal with Gu’s mother, as if they were helping each other, Gu Nanzhou could only bear it.

Zhou Jianqing took Gu Nanzhou to the video game city to play. Gu Nanzhou was very resistant at first, and then gradually began to put down the shelf to fight with Zhou Jianqing, and accompanied her to catch the doll. Although Gu Nanzhou caught many times and failed to catch it, Gu Nanzhou did not believe in evil and tried. Time after time, finally got his wish. Gu Nanzhou woke up the next day and found the breakfast left by Zhou Jianqing, and his anger suddenly disappeared.

Gu Nanzhou’s company faced some problems, and Zhou Zixuan came again. Zhou Jianqing could only ask him to accompany him in acting. Zhou Zixuan took out 10,000 yuan and said that he would return the money to him slowly. Gu Nanzhou said he didn’t need to pay it back, but Zhou Zixuan refused. Zhou Zixuan also took out some of his own experience in caring for Zhou Jianqing, saying that he had been taking care of Zhou Jianqing after his mother left, and Gu Nanzhou should take good care of her. Zhou Jianqing’s comics were very well received, and the boss asked her to add one more time. Zhou Jianqing was speechless. Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin waited for the bus together. Gu Nanzhou came to pick her up, Zhou Jianqing got on the bus and left.

Zhou Jian counted the snail noodles and was thrown out by Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing complained that his father was unreasonable, and she had to rush the draft in the middle of the night! Gu Nanzhou and Zhou Jianqing had a quarrel, Zhou Jianqing could only bear it, and he had the right to lose weight. Gu Nanzhou returned to the room and began to reflect on whether he had gone too far. As soon as he came out, he found that Zhou Jianqing had fainted.

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