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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 4 Recap

Gu Nanzhou asked how Zhou Jianqing got in, and said that he would go to jail for breaking into a private house. Zhou Jianqing hurriedly asked Gu Nanzhou to let her go. The police that Gu Nanzhou reported earlier came. Zhou Jianqing hugged Gu Nanzhou and said that he was his fiancée, and explained the police before leaving. Zhou Jianqing naturally stayed in Gu Nanzhou’s house, but the noise she made made Gu Nanzhou toss and turn around. Angrily, Gu Nanzhou rushed out and asked Zhou Jianqing not to make any sound. Zhou Jianqing was very aggrieved.

The next day, Zhou Jianqing carried the suitcase and was about to leave, but Gu Nanzhou began to stab her to clean up the house. Zhou Jianqing angered and said that he would kneel and beg that he would not come. Zhou Jianqing went to Su Youxia’s house. Su Youxia’s family said that Zhou Zixuan had found her for one night. Zhou Jianqing lied that he had found a new job, so he wanted to live in Su Youxia’s house. Su Youxia was very worried. Zhou Jianqing thought she hated her. Zhou Zixuan, Su Youxia hesitated and finally agreed to let Zhou Jianqing live.

When Zhou Zixuan went to pay the money, he was told that someone had paid him back and gave him a business card. Zhou Zixuan hurriedly went to the Gu Group, and Gu Nanzhou passed him into the elevator. Zhou Jianqing went for an interview, but the other party still asked her to draw a domineering president cartoon, and the deadline was a bit too late, Zhou Jianqing still agreed. Zhou Jianqing went to Zhang Yinqiu for help and bought a lot of snacks, but it was not because of the money that Zhang Yin acted as an assistant to her. Zhou Jianqing still asked in a foolish manner.

Zhang Yin was a little speechless. Zhou Jianqing chased Zhang Yin and said he was a good man to be a cartoonist, and persuaded him to fulfill his dream with himself, Zhang Yin still agreed. Zhang Yin asked Zhou Jianqing again if he was going to marry Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing said awkwardly because he was handsome. Zhou Jianqing received a call from Gu Nanzhou, and Gu Nanzhou asked her to accompany him to a dinner at night, Zhou Jianqing quickly agreed.

In the evening, Zhou Jianqing came wearing a workplace outfit. Gu Nanzhou was very disgusted. The client had already arrived when he was about to take her to buy clothes. At the dinner table, Zhou Jianqing was embarrassed. The customer Luo always toasted Gu Nanzhou. Jiang Xiaochuan was very worried. Zhou Jianqing said that he was not drunk for a thousand cups, and finally negotiated at the price of 500 cups. Zhou Jianqing picked up the wine glass to hold off the wine for Gu Nanzhou. The rhetoric made President Luo very happy. President Luo suggested that everyone respect his wife. Gu Nanzhou was also very pleased. Unexpectedly, after drinking for three rounds, Zhou Jianqing directly matched Mr. Luo as a sibling, and Gu Nanzhou was speechless.

On the way home, Zhou Jianqing was arguing about drinking, Jiang Xiaochuan also wanted to reimburse the money. Zhou Jianqing was already unconscious. Gu Nanzhou could only take her back to his home. Zhou Jianqing stood on the sofa and insisted to sing. Gu Nanzhou gradually became impatient and said that he would throw her out, but Zhou Jianqing started crying aggrievedly.

After some tossing, Zhou Jianqing finally fell asleep. Gu Nanzhou found her account book. She remembered the money owed to others clearly. The meal cost was only 20 yuan a day, and it was even full of various coupons. Gu Nanzhou A little distressed. Zhou Jianqing sat up fiercely and said that he wanted to eat instant noodles. Because he was busy drinking and not eating enough, Zhou Jianqing ran to the toilet and threw up, then ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower. The two people got wet on the ground. Gu Nanzhou was disgusted and helpless. .

Gu Nanzhou hugged Zhou Jianqing and returned to the bedroom. Zhou Jianqing hugged him and said that he was afraid of not letting him go. He also called his mother to say that he wanted to eat noodles. Gu Nanzhou felt a little softened.

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