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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 10 Recap

Gu Nanzhou lost his temper to Zhou Jianqing, Zhang Yin hurriedly stepped forward to save the United States. The two quarreled. Gu Nanzhou drove Zhang Yin out directly, and Zhou Jianqing was very embarrassed. Jiang Xiaochuan came at a very late time. Gu Nanzhou had a big temper early in the morning. Jiang Xiaochuan realized that the reason for his anger was because that Rubik’s Cube was a relic of Gu Nanzhou’s brother and was very important to him. Zhang Yin thought that Gu Nanzhou was very fierce to Zhou Jianqing, Zhou Jianqing quickly explained that he was not, but Zhang Yin was always worried. Zhou Jianqing asked Zhang Yin to go to the company for himself, and ran to the trash can in the building to find the Rubik’s Cube.

Zhou Jianqing went to find Zhang Yin. Zhang Yin said that the boss appreciates her modification plan. Zhou Jianqing is very happy that he can modify the plot by himself in the future. Zhang Yin saw that Zhou Jianqing’s shoes were dirty and knew that she was looking for Rubik’s Cube in the garbage dump, and he had a big opinion of Gu Nanzhou.

The boss asked Zhou Jianqing to add another change, Zhou Jianqing could only agree, and Zhang Yin stayed up with her without complaint. Gu Nanzhou cancelled the afternoon meeting and said that he would go home. When he called the property, the property said that a little girl had been found. After returning home, the Rubik’s Cube was placed on the table with Zhou Jianqing’s apology note.

Zhou Jianqing and Zhang Yin were drawing drawings in the library. Zhang Yin had prepared milk and food, and she couldn’t have a bite. Gu Nanzhou kept the vacant room alone and waited for Zhou Jianqing to return home and had to call. Zhou Jianqing was too busy to pay attention to the drawing. Gu Nanzhou thought she was angry and was very worried. The news was edited several times and it was not sent out. Zhou Jianqing fell asleep on the table, Zhang Yin carefully covered her with clothes, hoping that she would leave Gu Nanzhou soon, he could treat Zhou Jianqing better!

Early the next morning, Jiang Xiaochuan came to gossip and said that Zhou Jianqing had posted photos of them watching the sunrise together. Gu Nanzhou found out after seeing her circle of friends that that person was Zhang Yin, and ordered that Zhou Jianqing should not be mentioned in Nebula in the future.

Zhou Jianqing asked Zhang Yin to have a luxurious breakfast, but Zhang Yin refused and asked her to save some money. If she leaves Gu Nanzhou one day, she will feel a little emboldened. Zhou Jianqing can’t explain it clearly. Before Zhou Jianqing paid back to Gu Nanzhou, this month was five hundred more than last month. Gu Nanzhou was even more angry that she thought she wanted to pay back and leave sooner. Su Youxia came to Zhou Zixuan and brought him food. Su Youxia almost smashed something on his back. Zhou Zixuan hurriedly protected her. Su Youxia suddenly thought of Zhou Zixuan helping her drive away the bastards when she was in high school. The scene of her coming home.

Zhou Jianqing called Su Youxia and asked her to have dinner with Zhang Yin on the weekend. Su Youxia said listlessly that she seemed to like someone, but he didn’t like herself at all. The two of them didn’t match each other at all. Zhou Jianqing encouraged her to chase after her bravely. She will always support Su Youxia, and Su Youxia was immediately encouraged.

Zhou Jianqing didn’t go home all day. Gu Nanzhou hurriedly sent a message, and finally thought that Zhou Jianqing liked him and didn’t dare to come back, saying that he could cancel the agreement and really try it together. Unexpectedly, Zhou Jianqing had already returned, nor did he see the WeChat sent by Gu Nanzhou. Gu Nanzhou simply said clearly that he knew Zhou Jianqing liked him. Zhou Jianqing didn’t know why he thought he liked him.

Zhou Jianqing was speechless when he learned the truth. Thinking of the message he had sent to Zhou Jianqing, he quickly ran into the bedroom and picked up the phone to delete the message. Zhou Jianqing rushed in to grab the phone. The two became entangled again. Gu Nanzhou suddenly turned around and looked at Zhou Jianqing’s eyes. Even his lips moved up uncontrollably. Zhou Jianqing got the phone and got up and asked what Gu Nanzhou had deleted. Gu Nanzhou said it was Nebula’s business secrets. Of course, Zhou Jianqing didn’t believe it.

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