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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 3 Recap

Luo Chang found Liu Dan’s wallet, so he sent it to her personally, but he didn’t expect to be asked to treat him to dinner. While the two were having a barbecue while chattering, it happened that a Cancer woman suddenly appeared, mistakenly thinking that Luo Chang was dating Liu Dan, and couldn’t help but ridicule him for his poor taste. As a result, Liu Dan was irritated and mocked on the spot.

Seeing that the Cancer woman would call Xinhuan to deal with Liu Dan, Luo Chang was worried about the conflict between the two sides, and hurriedly got up to mediate, but the Cancer woman was a little proud. Despite this, Liu Dan is not a soft persimmon. She is not afraid of the new love of the Cancer Woman. She raises the bottle and hits someone, but she accidentally hurt Luo Chang.

Liu Dan takes Luo Chang home and cooks noodles for him personally. Afterwards, the two played games at home and talked about the philately woman by the way. Luo Chang claimed to be to let the person he likes care about him. Although this reason sounds extremely absurd, Liu Dan chose to believe it, and even felt that he should tell the other party his inner thoughts instead of keeping everything in his heart.

As it approached midnight, Luo Chang couldn’t stand it anymore. Before he went to bed, he casually mentioned the clearance. Liu Dan played games all night because of his words, and finally passed the clearance. However, Luo Chang didn’t take it to heart. Seeing Liu Dan’s anger, Luo Chang immediately said that he would fulfill her ten dreams as compensation, but when he said the words, he felt that Liu Dan was unreliable, and feared that she would ask too much. Liu Dan hoped that someone could accompany him to eat and go shopping, Luo Chang couldn’t bear it, and simply agreed to play with Liu Dan in the future.

Since Luo Chang left, He Daye spent a long time alone in a quilt, remembering her and Luo Chang’s past. At the beginning, the two also walked through the red carpet hand in hand and registered as husband and wife, but at the moment of exchanging rings, Luo Chang fled. Although the two chose to divorce peacefully, in He Daye’s heart, this matter has always been an unresolvable frustration.

After a whole night of sadness, He Daye regained his energy and went to work. Considering that Lin Weina knew that she was taking on a private job, in order to make up for the merits, she specially asked for some information about potential customers from Shu Ying. However, Lin Weina didn’t buy it at all, she still held on to the matter, and issued a dismissal notice on the spot, regardless of others. Anyway, He Daye is the unlucky chicken who kills the chicken and the monkey, and it is so heroic and tragic that it will die.

Originally, He Daye wanted to cry, make trouble, and hang himself, asking for a chance, but the female boss actually satirized that He Daye couldn’t even marry herself, and she was not suitable for wedding planning anymore. As the saying goes, hitting people without slapping faces, revealing people without revealing shortcomings, everything can be tolerated, except that she is an old leftover girl, even if the king of heaven is present, she can’t make mediation.

He Daye stopped swallowing her anger, and just wanted to get back the list of customers she contributed to, but Lin Weina quickly snatched it back. She was so angry that she could only grab the other party’s lipstick and wrote her resignation directly on the office window. Yang Chang left. However, if people are unlucky, misfortunes never come singly. Just as He Daye was in doubt about his future, he broke his heel when walking, and then Zhang Meng called to remind her to pay for the suit.

At first, He Daye didn’t want to pay attention to him at all, but couldn’t withstand Zhang Meng’s urging three times and four times, so he set a meeting place with him, and took it directly to the suit shop to buy the same money, which was calculated as compensation. Since the store did not have Zhang Meng’s size, the waiter saw that he had a conflict with He Daye and quickly recommended another dress, but the price was two thousand more than the previous style.

Zhang Meng felt that the clothes could be returned anyway, so he promised to make up two thousand yuan and let He Daye pay in advance. As a result, He Daye discovered that Zhang Meng was driving an ordinary car, so he guessed that he was a fraudster who pretended to be a scammer, and used scissors to break the tag on the spot to prevent Zhang Meng from returning the goods.

Zhang Meng was so angry because of He Daye’s behavior, he broke off He Daye’s other intact high-heeled shoes and turned around to go out. At the same time, Lin Weina held a grudge against He Daye, so she spread the scandal of He Daye’s private life in the industry, trying to drive her to a dead end.

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