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Good Every Day 明天我们好好过 Episode 2 Recap

Luo Chang is a philatelic man. There are so-called philatelic explanations, but he is very different. He is only sullied. He likes to meet girls with various constellations, blood types and zodiac signs, and there will even be a special book to summarize such girls , Draw the corresponding histogram and parabola.

Even though Luo Chang didn’t recognize people every time after Luo Chang teased them, the girls seemed to lose their minds, and they all rushed forward, and even more so they would keep track of Luo Chang’s flight time and personally block him to talk about marriage. However, it is still the drama of an infatuated woman and a lover. Luo Chang is like his career. He often flies in the sky. He is used to being short and hard to live on the ground.

After finally getting rid of the Cancer woman who entangled him, Luo Chang immediately drove to the wedding hotel to find He Daye. Although the two were divorced, they still became friends after the divorce. It’s not that He Daye wants to turn his head back, it’s all because Luo Chang didn’t want to get divorced, so he kept in touch all the time. In such three years, he and He Daye took care of each other and supported each other. They failed to become a husband and wife. Instead, they were more like family members.

After falling asleep until dawn, Zhang Meng was awakened by Shu Ying’s call. While answering the phone, he walked into the bathroom without noticing the bedside. He Daye heard Zhang Meng’s call and was shocked that she quickly got up and put on clothes. She couldn’t understand why a strange man appeared in her room, so he waited at the door with a lamp until Zhang Meng appeared.

Fortunately, Zhang Meng dodged in time and managed to avoid the attack of the lamp. Seeing Zhang Meng take out a room card that matches the house number, He Daye couldn’t help but recall the scene of being drunk yesterday, and suddenly realized. Instead, Zhang Meng questioned He Daye’s identity, and then quarreled with her. He Daye knew that he was wrong, especially Zhang Meng was vomited before, so he left the other party’s phone number and returned the suit money later.

After leaving the room, He Daye was angry and rushed directly in front of Liu Dan, asking her about what happened last night and about the accident in which she was in bed with Zhang Meng. Liu Dan believes that He Daye needs men, especially a handsome and rich man. Zhang Meng’s appearance just means that he is doomed and arranged by providence.

He Daye refused to accept Liu Dan’s remarks, so angry that she turned into a taxi and drove away. Liu Dan was left at the door of the hotel by He Daye. Just as she was worried about how to return to the city, she happened to see Luo Chang, so without thinking, she got into the car and asked him to take her along.

Originally, Luo Chang had no plans to carry anyone, and couldn’t bear Liu Dan’s soft and hard foaming. Her existence was like a pistachio, making her belly laugh. Liu Dan talked about the skills of how to buy fake big-name clothing. Luo Chang listened with gusto. He couldn’t help but became interested in her and asked about the constellation. But when he learned that Liu Dan was an Aries, his interest was instantly lost by nearly half.

Shu Ying sent the balance payment to He Daye’s account, and specifically called her to inform her. He Daye took the initiative to ask about Zhang Meng’s situation. Shu Ying mistakenly thought she was interested in Zhang Meng, so she wanted to help make the match, so He Daye was embarrassed to ask more, so she could only give up.

When Jiajia saw Zhang Meng dirty the rented expensive suit, she knew that he could not pay the compensation at present, so she wanted to pay for him personally. However, Zhang Meng didn’t want to trouble others. Jiajia didn’t want to force her. She simply wanted to help Zhang Meng and He Daye to recover compensation. At this time, He Daye saw Zhang Meng and Jiajia on the way home, but the taxi thought about the emergency brake, so she passed Zhang Meng and couldn’t see clearly.

Zhang Meng noticed that his son was fighting with Wang Xiaoming, so he took him away and told him. It was not until the other children came forward to explain that he knew that he was blaming the child. It was precisely because Zhang Yangyang had no mother since he was a child, Zhang Meng felt very guilty, and at the same time, he did not know how to tell him the news of Shu Ying’s remarriage. He did not expect Zhang Yangyang to be very receptive.

After Luo Chang gave Liu Dan, he went to He Daye’s house and took a divorce anniversary gift by the way, which triggered her feelings for divorce. He Daye didn’t want Luo Chang to see her melancholy, so he pretended to respond easily. He didn’t expect Luo Chang to find Zhang Meng’s socks in the room. His emotions broke out in an instant. He immediately asked her about her love life. The two had a big fight and were unhappy. And scattered.

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