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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 20 Recap

Wang Xiaocong knew that he was wrong. He hoped that he would have a chance to correct it. As long as he didn’t pass the case back to the hospital, he was willing to receive any punishment. He has been too anxious recently, even Zhou Yue can see it. She pointed out that he is not qualified for the job in his current state. The reason why Wang Xiaocong didn’t want his scandal to be passed back to the courtyard was because he didn’t want his father to look down on him.

He and his father had been in a cold war for almost ten years. He once vowed that he would do what his father did. As a way of transcendence or comparison, Zhou Yue silently listened to what he said. At this time, John had arranged people to guard around the hospital, but he still felt uneasy in his heart, feeling that the fake Hanka was plotting something on Zal Island.

Li Tiancheng told John of his doubts, he did not understand why the fake Hank did not leave Zal Island immediately after submitting the complaint letter. The two analyzed and speculated that the fake Hank would not leave easily because he liked Lan Tina, but he could not find any trace of him on Zal Island, so he probably never left the friendly hospital. They immediately closed the net, John sent someone to control Gnuwen, and Li Tiancheng summoned everyone to the restaurant. After Zhou Yue entered the room, she was startled by the bloody clothes in the closet, and then the fake Hank was caught off guard from knocking her out from behind.

Li Tiancheng told Ye Hong and others that the fake Hank might not have left the hospital, and everyone was in an uproar. Li Tiancheng saw that Zhou Yue was not there, and Shuhui hurried over and said that there was no movement when he knocked on Zhou Yue’s door. They immediately broke into Zhou Yue’s room, only to see a white coat with blood. Li Tiancheng calmly told them that Zhou Yue might have been kidnapped.

John began to interrogate Uncle Wen, but he didn’t trust the police because of his family’s death many years ago and the police’s indifference, and he refused to tell the fake Hank. Li Tiancheng and a policeman searched Ge Wenshu’s room and saw many of the tablets he hid behind the painting, including Xie Hua’s tablets. The emotional Li Tiancheng threatened Ge Nuwen that if Zhou Yue had an accident, he would definitely not let him go.

Fake Hank kidnapped Zhou Yue and hid it somewhere in a friend’s hospital. Zhou Yue was so frightened that he couldn’t help crying for help. After being threatened by him, he dared not speak again. The fake Hank came to ask Zhou Yue for someone, because they sent Lan Tina to the rehabilitation center without his consent. The fake Hank had served in the federal forces. If it weren’t for the difficult life of retiring, he said he wouldn’t be a pirate.

Zhou Yue, who was tied up, was very scared, but still pretended to be calm and wanted to escape. The kidnapping of a Chinese doctor is no small matter. John’s superiors told him to find Zhou Yue. The fake Hank used Zhou Yue’s cell phone to call John, threatening them with Zhou Yue’s life to prepare a helicopter for themselves and bring Lan Tina.

After hanging up the phone, the fake Hank put the cell phone in the grid where the dead body was placed. He was very smart and knew that this would block the cell phone signal. In addition, he installed a camera outside the Youhao Hospital, and when he saw John send someone, he immediately threatened them to withdraw, or he would chop off one of Zhou Yue’s hands. In desperation, John had to let the police evacuate. Li Tiancheng and John found that there were lights in the place where Zhou Yue was locked up, indicating that the secret room had been remodeled.

They contacted the person in charge of the project and obtained the location of the secret room. Li Tiancheng waited at the door, and John entered with a gun. At the same time, Lan Tina was also brought. The fake Hank helped Zhou Yue untie him, hoping to make her hostage again in exchange for the safety of him and Lan Tina.

The clever Zhou Yue took the opportunity to shut him out, and then immediately called Li Tiancheng on his cell phone. Li Tiancheng worried about her, and followed John in. The fake Hank hides in the cracks, and John finds someone here, armed with a gun. When Zhou Yue heard Li Tiancheng’s movement, he opened the door without hesitation.

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