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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 19 Recap

Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng launched Lan Tina to comfort her not to worry. The fake Hank followed Gnuwen into the house. Gnuwen hated him to his bones, but he did not dare to kill him, let alone call someone to catch the fake Hank. The fake Hank forced him to tell where Lantina was. Gnuwen didn’t know. He said Zhou Yue would know. With his unintentional words, the fake Hank turned his attention to Zhou Yue.

The fake Hank knew about the morgue from nowhere, he had been hiding in the old morgue in the friendly hospital. When the fourth child recovered from illness, Shuhui, Li Tiancheng, and Qiao Yuqian escorted her out of the hospital and told her to go back and get a good recovery. Then Li Tiancheng would also find a time to take people from the whole hospital to see her.

Qiao Xiangwan called the governor and assured Li Tiancheng that the Friendly Hospital would not be closed. Qiao Yuqian is still mean to Liang Kaili, and what she said makes it obvious that she has opinions on Liang Kaili. Qiao Xiangwan apologized to her for her sister’s recklessness, and Liang Kaili spit out a few words and didn’t say anything anymore.

Wu Xin moved back to many dishes. He said that starting from today, Qiao Yuqian and Shuhui will come to join them. Ye Hong was very worried about the recent incidents in the hospital, Zhou Yue refused to say anything, guessing, Ye Hong thought that the relationship between Zhou Yue, John and Li Tiancheng was a love triangle. After Lan Tina was sent away, the patients in the hospital were also discharged. Zhou Yue felt that now he could tell the truth to everyone in the hospital.

But John said that no one could disclose until he was notified by his superiors. Zhou Yue still feels strange. It is obvious that 80% of this matter has been completed, so why can’t he tell the truth? The police’s keen intuition told John that this matter must not be that simple, and the remaining 20% ​​is precisely the most dangerous part. Ye Hong walked into the meeting room and wanted to call Zhou Yue out. Zhou Yue’s hardship can’t be said, which made Ye Hong very disappointed in her. Ye Hong went out angrily to send a message to Huo Xiang, she thought that Zhou Yue was totally incapable of acting as the captain. John also saw Zhou Yue’s helplessness, but he still didn’t agree to tell everything at this point. They were eating at a dinner table, and Zhou Yue tried to say it several times, but John interrupted.

After that, Ye Hong and Qiao Yuqian quarreled on the spot. Uncle Wen was flustered and went back to his room to call Roy. He was worried that the ruthless fake Hank would harm the people in the hospital, but Roy was busy dealing with the director of the health department, and hung up before he could finish. After Uncle Wen left the dinner table, Zhou Yue and John both noticed that something was wrong with him. John told Zhou Yue that he had already sent someone to stare at Gnuwen, and he had also sent additional staff to the hospital.

Aunt Lan came to the hospital for examination because of pregnancy edema. Zhou Yue diagnosed her as preeclampsia and suggested that she undergo a caesarean section. During the operation, Li Tiancheng called another anesthesiologist Du Yi’an to help. Uncle Ge Wen wanted to work in the operating room, but when he saw Aunt Lan’s husband, Dr. Ruan, suddenly turned around and left.

Uncle Ge Wen, who had a guilty conscience, called Roy. He was worried that John had begun to doubt them. He proposed to surrender, but Roy directly rejected it. While there was no one, Ge Wenshu and Dr. Ruan spoke, and they could see that they were related to the village’s epidemic. John sent Zhou Yue back, and Wang Xiaocong waited in front of her door and said he wanted to chat with her. Wang Xiaocong didn’t want to take vacations anymore, he wanted to work directly, but Zhou Yue said that she had to ask Huo Xiang about this matter, and she had no right to decide.

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