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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 18 Recap

In the operating room, Zhou Yue worked every second to perform operations on Lan Song. At first, the two newborns had no heartbeat after they were delivered. Ye Hong and Shuhui performed neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation for them under Zhou Yue’s instructions. Soon after, the ward sounded. With loud crying, Zhou Yue told Lan Song that it was a baby of a dragon and a phoenix, and Lan Song showed a relieved smile. The medical accident in Youhao Hospital became more and more serious. Some people even said that Qiao Xiangwan had black money. Ye Hong and Shuhui were resentful when they saw the news. Uncle Ge Wen went to see Roy and asked him if Hank was a pirate. Roy’s reaction showed that his guess was true.

Uncle Ge Wen was very painful, his family was killed by pirates, and he had to watch those pirates rampage in front of him. Roy promised him that when things were done, he would find a chance to catch Hank back and send him to jail. John asked Zhou Yue to save his number. He wanted to tell her about Lan Tina, but when the words reached his throat, he held back.

Roy called Hank and asked him to leave Zal Island immediately, and Uncle Ge Wen planned to break with Roy from now on. The Department of Health brought people to pick up Lan Tina and explained the situation to Liao Yu and Qiao Yuqian. Wang Xiaocong wanted to talk to them, but was stopped by Wu Xin and Ye Hong.

Liao Yu and Qiao Yuqian stopped the people from the Department of Health. Li Tiancheng persuaded Liao Yu to check Lan Tina first. Qiao Yuqian felt that there was no Wang Fa, so she turned around and wanted to call Qiao Xiangwan. Zhou Yue went to ask Li Tiancheng if they were a ghost, and it happened that John came over. John told Zhou Yue that the fake Hank had disappeared bizarrely. Now it can be determined that he is a pirate.

He is accused of using a fake identity to make trouble in the friendly hospital, but he can not be found now. For the safety of doctors and patients in the hospital, John could only transfer Lan Tina first, but he did not expect that the civil affairs officer was so presumptuous and had a bad attitude towards the doctors in the friendly hospital. He promised that he would pursue the matter after the matter was resolved.

Zhou Yue called Huo Xiang to report. Huo Xiang knew about it a long time ago. He asked Zhou Yue to discuss with Li Tiancheng more and try to get Lan Tina to tell what she knew. After Zhou Yue hung up the phone, he talked to Lan Tina alone, and called John, and asked Liao Yu to help stabilize the civil affairs officer. Lantina told them that after she eloped with Hank, she found that he was really poor and couldn’t support herself at all. In pain, she walked into the bar and met the fake Hank. The real fiancé Hank wanted to take her away, but was stabbed to death by the hand of Lantina by the fake Hank, and then replaced Hank.

The fake Hank was very nice to her, but when he received a call, he deliberately stabbed Lan Tina, and then sent her to the friendly hospital to make trouble. Lan Tina is willing to tell the truth, and John also promised to ensure her safety after sending her to the rehabilitation center. Qiao Xiangwan and Liang Kaili were late to learn about what happened to the Youhao Hospital. Qiao Yuqian was a little angry and accused him of inaction. As soon as Liang Kaili heard that the Director of Health was about to close the Youhao Hospital, she guessed the people from the Department of Health. Follow Ann Marriott’s dispatch. There was an incoming call from the fake Hank’s cell phone, but he didn’t answer it.

Crazed, he slashed the iron door of the morgue with a switchblade, took a sip of wine and spit it out, muttering words in his mouth, he could see that he was going to bring out Lan Tina. The civil affairs officer was interviewed by reporters in front of the Youhao Hospital, but all he said were official words and there were no more details. Afterwards, the Civil Affairs Officer received a call. The Director of Health said that the police had sent a special investigation team to the rehabilitation center and asked them to return to the rehabilitation center as soon as possible to make handover work with the special investigation team.

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