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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 11 Recap

Ever since he ran into Xiaohu eating raw meat, Ye Qingchun never dared to hire him anymore, so he tried every means to dismiss him. Although Xiaohu seemed a little pitiful, Ye Qingchun turned his heart back, not being bewitched by the other party, and watched him being pushed out of the clothing store by several guys.

At night, Jin Xingjian met Yin Qing at the entrance of the dance hall, Ye Ming ignored him, and then he noticed someone following him on the way back. Jin Xingjian knew that the one-eyed general was dormant in the dark, so he specifically reminded Ye Ming to be vigilant instead of looking for Yu Shaobai through him. Ye Ming refused to listen to persuasion, still doing his own way, Jin Xingjian did not insist, but silently followed behind to protect her personal safety.

At this moment, the room was completely dark, and Ye Qingchun turned over and touched the behemoth with warmth. He saw the little tiger lying lazily on the quilt, curling up and sleeping like a cat, with a face of contentment. Until the next morning, Ye Qingchun found that he was empty around him. He mistakenly thought it was caused by a nightmare. As a result, when he got up lazily and slipped downstairs, he accidentally saw Xiaohu working diligently as usual.

Ye Qingchun murmured to the smiling young man in front of him, and couldn’t help asking why the guys still let him in the store. Unexpectedly, as soon as the voice fell, the guys looked at each other, as if they had completely forgotten what happened yesterday, and Xiaohu had an innocent expression on his face.

Realizing that everyone was suffering from amnesia, coupled with Xiaohu’s increasingly innocent smile, Ye Qingchun felt his hair terrified, and was frightened that he immediately overcame the wall and wanted to break into Huaxuezhai, seeking protection. However, Jin Xingjian had already calculated that Ye Qingchun would come to discuss the solution, so he asked Xiaopi to stop the opponent, claiming that a mage would come to solve it later.

Sure enough, within a quarter of an hour, Lian Xuan excitedly took over the task of descending the demon. Just as he was about to show off his skills, Xiaohu’s strength should not be underestimated. He was caught in torn clothes. It stands to reason that after the little tiger became a fine, how could he be so powerful? Lian Xuan was puzzled and returned to Huaxuezhai angrily. After learning that Jin Xingjian’s gossip seal was in Xiaohu’s hands, it suddenly dawned on him.

Xiaohu was seriously injured. He hid in the back alleys of the Ye family where he had lived and looked at every familiar corner. He couldn’t help but think of Ye Qingchun’s adoption of himself, and stood silently in tears at the window. Even though Ye Qingchun didn’t remember the existence of that stray cat, Xiaohu still didn’t leave, and he couldn’t even hate it at all. He would rather believe that he was hurting unintentionally.

In the next few days, Xiaohu sneaked into Ye Qingchun’s bedroom as usual and slept with him. No matter how many times Xiaohu was driven away, every morning, everyone would forget the memory of the previous day, wipe the counter casually, and open the door for business. Ye Qingchun had no other choice but to pretend to cater to him and find an opportunity to distract him before fleeing.

Unexpectedly, Xiaohu was caught by Xiaohu before he ran a few meters away. At a critical moment, Jin Xingjian suddenly visited, and the time was stopped with a wave of his big hand. Xiaohu knew that he was not his opponent, so he locked himself in place with two or two moves. Faced with Jin Xingjian’s questioning, Xiaohu voluntarily admitted that he had been a stray cat adopted by Ye Qingchun until he went abroad to study. Ye’s father didn’t like cats and simply threw Xiaohu to the wilderness.

In fact, Xiaohu is harmless. The reason why he wants to stay with Ye Qingchun is to repay his kindness. If it weren’t for the gossip seal, it would be difficult to cultivate a human form. Jin Xing Jiannian cherished pure kindness in Xiaohu’s heart, did not hurt the killer, but asked the other party to hand over the gossip seal.

Little Tiger’s begging was unsuccessful, especially when he heard that Ye Qingchun would die in a hundred years, he bowed his head in tears and took the initiative to hand over the seal to Jin Xingjian. After a beam of light passed, Xiaohu turned into a cat and ran into Ye Qingchun’s arms in a blink of an eye. The next day, Ye Qingchun went to the door to thank him in person, holding the little tiger in his arms, Jin Xingjian did not tell the truth, but reached out his hand and touched the little tiger’s head. This was also a great joy for everyone.

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