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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 7 Recap

The male mosquitoes pretended to hold Hong Luan and escaped smoothly. Wen Gu wanted to catch up with the male mosquito, but was blocked by Ge Xianzhen. Hong Luan desperately rescued Wen Gu’s paper crane, but was injured and fainted. Wen Gu brought Hongluan back to Xihualiu. Wen Gu felt that Hongluan was deceiving him, but found that Hongluan was really injured because of it. Wen Gu warned Hongluan not to hurt Duanmucui, otherwise she would be driven out of Xihualiu.

Wen Gu flipped through Youwang’s notes and found a way to crack the Gexian Formation. Duanmucui and Zhanyan waited for the rabbits at the Wengu Medical Center, but before the male mosquitoes came, Duanmucui fell asleep with Zhanyan’s arm resting on it. Wen Gu used his own bone and blood to connect with the blood of male mosquitoes, and wanted to replace the male mosquitoes to become a liner. This method is extremely painful and unbearable. In order to rescue Duanmucui, Wen Gu cut off his own scales enduring the pain. Hong Luan outside the room looked at everything Wen Gu had done, very distressed and left tears.

Duan Mucui woke up to find that Zhan Yan had been guarding him, and took a bite of Zhan Yan on a whim. Duanmucui and Zhanyan found the blood of the gnats when they went out. They learned that the gnats had already come, so they went to look for the gnats. Hong Luan came in to put on a cloak for Wen Gu, but was misunderstood by Wen Gu that he wanted to destroy the magic circle and was driven out. Wen Gu’s formation was completed, and he hurried to Lu Wei Dang to look for Duan Mu Cui.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan discovered that Mrs. Wang was hiding in a secret corner. They found that Mrs. Wang was safe and sound and had not been sucked blood. At this time, the voice of the male mosquito sounded. He set up the array to be Duanmucui’s blood. Duanmucui’s mana had not yet He completely recovered, and was stabbed by a male mosquito’s phantom sting and sucked blood for a while.

At this time, Zhanyan, who was supposed to send Mrs. Wang away, did not leave. After placing Mrs. Wang, he suddenly turned back and stabbed the male mosquito with a giant queer sword, protecting Duanmucui, but Duanmucui was also seriously injured.

The male mosquito who was seriously injured and fleeing forced his own body and took Duanmucui’s blood to the female mosquito to drink. Wen Gu, who was struggling to break through the formation, finally entered the Gexian formation, but after seeing the scene of the Gexian formation, Wen Gu knew something was wrong with Duanmu Cui, so he killed the male mosquito. Looking at the dead male mosquito, the female mosquito drank Duanmucui’s blood and left.

Duanmu, who had lost blood and was poisoned, was extremely weak. Duanmu possessed herself and sucked out the residual mosquito poison on her shoulders. Duanmu turned her head and accidentally kissed Zhangyan. Duan Mucui told Zhanyan that she had lost her blood mortal body and could no longer stay in the world.

When she heard that she cut her wrist with a sword, Duanmucui’s blood was poured into Duanmucui’s mouth to help her reshape her mortal body. . Zhanyan carried the injured Duanmucui on his back, and Duanmucui asked Zhanyan to conceal her injury to avoid embarrassment. Zhanyan requested Duanmucui to stay.

Yang Jian saw Duanmucui’s love debt box shaking and erased all Duanmucui’s memories. Duanmucui’s heart felt scratched by a knife, and he passed out in pain. Wen Gu wanted to transfer his blood to Duanmucui, but found that Duanmucui refused to accept his blood. Zhan Yan said that he had spent the blood for Duanmu, Duanmu Cui could use his blood, and Zhan Yan used his own blood to save Duanmu Cui.

When Duan Mucui was in a coma, she dreamed that a general who looked the same as her was fighting on the battlefield. After waking up, Duan Mucui intimately bandaged the wound for Zhanyan, and Wen Gu looked very uncomfortable in his heart. The female mosquito successfully gave birth to twin gnat siblings. Due to the blood of the immortal, the gnat siblings grew up quickly after giving birth and fell into freaks. Duanmucui used the god spider to find the location of the gnat brother and sister. The mother mosquito protected her child from stealing, but she was injured because of it.

The gnat brothers and sisters went to the place where the crowd gathered to suck human blood and were beaten away by Wen Gu. Wen Gu and Hongluan stayed to help the people who were sucked, Duanmucui and Zhanyan went to catch the gnats brothers and sisters. Wen Gu and Hongluan used magic power to trap those poisonous gases, and their relationship slowly eased during this period.

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