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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 4 Recap

The youngest son of the owner of Baiwenzhai said that he didn’t want to ride a four-wheeled vehicle anymore and wanted to stay in the dream world, so he stabbed Zhanyan. Zhanyan Yuanshen was injured and blood stains appeared on his body in reality. The Shangguan Ce on the side was very worried, and Wen Gu hurriedly used the law to treat him.

In the dream, Zhanyan was so severely injured that he fainted, Duan Mucui had to take Zhanyan to the room of Kaifeng Mansion to cast spells for him. Because of the difference between men and women, Zhan Yan refused Duan Mucui to heal him. However, due to Zhanyan’s serious injury, Duanmucui treated him. Duanmu looked up and found that Zhanyan’s face was close at hand, blurting out that Zhanyan looked good, and Zhanyan’s shy eyes dodge.

Jing Jing possessed Madam Jiang’s soul and negotiated with Zhanyan and Duanmucui. Duanmucui and Zhanyan discovered that Jing Jing wanted to get Madame Jiang’s hairpin in exchange with the You Clan messenger. Duan Mucui forced Jing Jing out of Madam Jiang’s body, Jing Jing escaped, and the two continued to pursue Jing Jing’s trace. Suddenly it rained heavily, and Duan Mucui was about to cast a spell to change the umbrella to shelter her from the rain, so Zhan Yan used her cloak to protect her from the rain.

The two of them went under the eaves to hide from the rain and saw that Zhanyan’s whole body was soaked. Duan Mucui took out the samaya to dry Zhanyan’s clothes. At this moment, the two of them saw Mengdie and the man who was possessed by Jingjing walking by, and Mengdie’s eyes returned to normal. This Mengdie was an illusion that Jingjing had transformed.

Zhanyan brought Duanmucui to Mengdie’s house, and Duanmucui and Zhanyan restrained Mengdie’s fantasy. In order to protect Mengdie’s fantasy, Jing Jing confessed that he had obtained the fragments of Penglai Tu in his trade with the Youzu messenger, and the Youzu messenger helped him cultivate his human form and stay with the Dream Butterfly. And Madam Jiang’s hairpin was formed from the fragments of Penglai Tu. As long as you help the You Clan messenger to get the hairpin, the You Clan messenger will turn back to help him grow into a human form.

Jing Jing wanted to destroy her own dream, and died in the dream together with Duan Mucui and Zhan Yan. Duanmucui sent a message to Wen Gu outside the dream, and asked Wen Gu to find Mengdie to break the game. Wen Gu used his own soul to reinforce the magic circle and protect the fascinated dream. Zhang Long and Zhao Wu went to find Mengdie and came to Caolu. Wen Gu trapped Hongluan and went to look for Mengdie. Seeing that the magic circle was about to disappear, Hong Luan rushed out of the enchantment set by Wen Gu to help Shangguan Ce strengthen the magic circle.

Wen Gu successfully found Mengdie and sent Mengdie into the dream world. Jing Jing saw the dream butterfly he was thinking of, and hurriedly covered his face, for fear of being seen by the dream butterfly. Duan Mucui told Jing Jing that he had practiced for 999 years, and it was only a year before he could grow into a human form. It was the envoy of the You Clan that deceived him.

Wen Gu accused Hongluan of rushing out of the barrier he had set up, and suspected that Hongluan wanted to destroy the magic circle. Shangguance proved for Hongluan, but Wen Gu did not believe what they said.

Duanmucui and Zhanyan saw the feelings between Mengdie and Jingjing, and wanted to help them buy some time to get along. Jing Jing and Mengdie recalled the scene of their first meeting. Hui Mengdie rescued Jing Jing’s body. Jing Jing liked Mengdie and stayed with her all the time. However, he did not cultivate as an adult, so he could only use someone else’s body to get close to Mengdie. Mengdie said that she always knew that he was by her side, no matter whose body he borrowed, she would know it was him. Mengdie wants to stay with Jingjing in the dream world, but Jingjing wants to keep Mengdie alive.

Jing Jing sent Mengdie out of the dream world and returned the hairpin to Duanmucui. Jing Jing used his own practice to exchange Duanmucui for the momentary light of Mengdie. After solving everything, Zhanyan’s soul became weaker and weaker. Zhanyan and Duanmucui agreed to go out and meet in Xihualiu together.

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