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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 3 Recap

Zhan Yan learned the news that Madam Jiang had returned, and went to visit Madam Jiang, and found that Madam Jiang’s expression and tone had changed greatly. Duanmucui and Wen Gu brought Hongluan back to Xihualiu. Hongluan’s cooking skills made Duanmucui very satisfied, but Wen Gu was not happy. Zhang Long and Zhao Wusuo found all the missing persons, but the bodies of the first missing victims have already shown signs of decay. Zhan Yan informed Shangguan Ce, Zhang Long, and Zhao Wu of Mrs. Jiang’s changes. Shangguan Ce proposed to ask Duan Mu Cui for help, but Zhan Yan had no choice but to go to Xihualiu to ask Duan Mu Cui for help.

Duanmucui tossed and turned, waiting for Zhanyan to come to ask her for help. While Duanmucui was waiting anxiously, news came that Zhanyan asked for help. When Zhanyan and Shangguance came outside Duanmuqiao, Duanmucui threatened to agree to take the shot as long as she had crossed Duanmuqiao. Zhanyan stepped on the Duanmu Bridge and found that the bridge seemed to be alive and gave birth to tentacles to stop him, but he still managed to pass Duanmu Bridge by virtue of his good work.

Zhanyan successfully passed Duanmu Bridge, and Duanmucui agreed to talk to Zhanyan Caolu. Zhanyan apologized to Duanmucui for his recklessness. Duanmucui offered three conditions, and Zhanyan agreed to all of them. Duanmu Cuitu escaped to Mrs. Jiang’s room in Kaifeng Mansion, and forced the You Clan in Mrs. Jiang’s body with the real fire of Samadhi. Shangguance, Zhang Long, and Zhao Wu stayed to take care of Mrs. Jiang, Duan Mucui and Zhan Yan went out to chase the escaped Youzu.

Duan Mucui told Zhanyan that this secluded clan was a mirror spirit, and was best at using human minds and obsessions to take advantage of the void and seize the soul to occupy the body. Duan Mucui asked Zhan Yan to look more in the mirror to find his feelings, so that he could better catch the You clan. Zhan Yan rushed to the Tianxiang Tower to grab the You Clan, but Duan Mucui took a fancy to the doll on the stall. In order to catch the Jing Jing as soon as possible, Zhan Yan had to help Duan Mucui pay for the doll.

Zhanyan and Duanmucui entered the Tianxiang Tower to capture the Youzu. After entering the Tianxiang Tower, Zhanyan was dragged into the cabinet by Duanmucui to escape. The two of them were very close, but Zhanyan found that everything on Duanmucui was opposite. She is not the real Duanmucui but Jingjing. Zhan Yan and Jing Jing fought hard. Duan Mu Cui wanted to sit and watch the play. Seeing that Zhan Yan was at a disadvantage, Duan Mu Cui had to rescue him, but accidentally smashed the mirror, causing Jing Jing to escape. Duanmucui asked how Zhanyan distinguished Jingjing from himself. Zhanyan said that Duanmucui did not like the smell of peach blossom rouge, while Jingjing liked it the most.

Zhanyan and Shangguance resettled all the victims. Wen Gu temporarily kept the victims’ bodies, but still needed to catch Jingjing to rescue them. Jing Jing hid in his own dream world, it is impossible to lead the Jing Jing, so he can only go into the dream world to find the Jing Jing, but entering the dream world may never wake up.

Zhanyan and Duanmucui are determined to go to the dream world to help the victims find their souls. Hong Luan earnestly carried the rules of Xihualiu in Xihualiu. At this time, Zhanyan and Duanmucui also came to Xihualiu. Hongluan apologized to Zhanyan for leaving alone that day. Duanmucui and Zhanyan came to Jingjing’s dream world, and came to the place where Zhanyan’s obsession was deepest. Zhan Yan saw the deceased parents and became obsessed with Jing Jing’s dreams, and Duan Mucui stopped Zhan Yan in time. In the dream, Zhanyan saw the victims, and they were all immersed in the dream created by Jingjing.

Duan Mucui smelled the peach blossom rouge on Jing Jing and found Jing Jing’s whereabouts. In order to conceal herself and Zhan Yan, Duan Mucui hugged Zhan Yan and wanted to pretend to be a person in a dream, but was still discovered by Jing Jing. Strangely, Jing Jing did not attack Duan Mu Cui, but snatched the hairpin that Mrs. Jiang gave Duan Mu Cui.

The person in the dream was controlled by Jing Jing and attacked Zhanyan and Duanmucui. During the fight, Zhanyan rushed out to rescue a boy, but was stabbed by the boy.

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