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The Storm of the World 玉昭令 Episode 2 Recap

Hong Luan, who was tied up by Duanmucui, saw Wen Gu passing by, and remembered his past with Wen Gu, and wanted to stop Wen Gu, but he couldn’t untie the rope. Suddenly Hong Luan remembered that this rope only works for You Clan, so he asked someone to help untie the rope. In the public hall of the Kaifeng Mansion, Zhanyan was telling the case of Xihualiu. Duanmucui not only refused to admit those charges, but also teased the people in the Kaifeng Mansion.

Zhanyan took out one of Duanmucui’s eardrops from her arms to prove that she had been to Liujiacun. Duanmucui learned that something was not good, and said that Zhanyan stole her intimate things. Zhanyan said that the eardrops were found at the scene of the disappearance of Liujiazhuang, and that the disappearance was suspected to be related to Duanmucui. Zhanyan asked Duan Mucui to stay in the Fuzhong for three days, and sent her away after the disappearance was found out.

Duan Mucui got lost after going out, couldn’t find the location of the guest room, and found the file room in front of him, so he went in and took a look. Zhan Yan held the kitten outside the door and smiled, Duan Mucui was fascinated, and was noticed by Zhan Yan. Zhan Yan entered the dossier room to check, Duan Mucui hid anxiously. Duan Mucui flipped through the files in the file room and saw the case about Xihualiu. He was very angry and wanted to argue with Kaifeng Mansion. Wen Gu wanted to bring Duanmucui back, but was rejected by Duanmucui and could only help Duanmucui solve the problem. Wen Gu went to meet Wen Shaoqing and wanted to cooperate with Kaifeng Mansion. The two parties also reached a consensus to solve the Youzu problem together.

In the nine prisons, the elder of the You clan contacted Hong Luan by casting a spell through the dragon gate. Hong Luan informed the elder of the You clan about the death of the girl. The elder ordered her to take the post of the emissary of the girl and continue to look for the Penglai map puzzle solution Hongluan had no choice but to agree to open the nine prison seal. The elder asked Hongluan to contain Duanmucui in order to find more Jiang Yi’s descendants and find the whereabouts of Penglaitu.

Zhanyan came to Duanmucui to solve the case early in the morning. Duanmucui said that he was unwilling to help, but rushed to check the case. Zhang Long and Zhao Wu found Liu Damei, the missing eldest daughter of Liu’s mother-in-law’s family, but it was strange that she fell into a coma for no reason, with a smile on her mouth. Duan Mucui, who was watching the excitement, noticed the breath of the You Clan in Sister Liu’s body, and felt that things were strange.

Kaifeng Mansion was frightened by the talking objects Duanmucui brought, and the people of Kaifeng Mansion turned over. The ordinary doctors couldn’t detect the reason for Liu sister’s coma, so Zhanyan could only go to Wen Gu for help, but Duan Mucui stopped her. Zhanyan said that Liu’s family can make the best tofu sticks in the world. Duanmucui listened to Zhanyan’s description and expressed his willingness to actively help.

Wen Gu checked the condition of Sister Liu and found that Sister Liu had just lost her soul. Duan Mucui wanted Zhanyan to ask for help, but Zhanyan was unwilling to ask for help, and said that he didn’t need Xihualiu’s help. Duan Mucui returned to Xihualiu angrily after hearing Zhanyan’s words.

Hongluan came to the door of Xihualiu and wanted to enter Xihualiu, but was injured. Hong Luan waited at the door for Duanmucui and Wen Gu to return, and wanted to ask Xi Hualiu to take her in, but was refused.

It was discovered that the missing case was related to the peach blossom rouge in Tianxianglou, so I came to Tianxianglou for investigation. Zhan Yan ran into Mrs. Ganniang Jiang in Tianxiang Tower, and Mrs. Jiang used Tianxiang Tower’s peach blossom rouge to be controlled. Duan Mucui found the blind girl Mengdie according to the instructions of the paper crane, and Zhanyan also smelled the smell of peach blossom rouge on Mengdie’s body. Duanmucui and Zhanyan both thought that there was a problem with Mengdie. Duanmucui went to the Tianxianglou to check, but they did not find any problems.

Zhanyan and Shangguance went to wish Mrs. Jiang’s birthday, but found that Ganniang was missing. Zhan Yan went to the Tianxiang Tower to check and learned that Madam Jiang had left with Mengdie. Duanmucui saw Hongluan helping the little girl, and finally took Hongluan in. Zhan Yan went to Mengdie’s house to check and found that Madam Jiang was not here. Mengdie said that Madam Jiang just sent herself back, and then left. The subordinates came to report that Madam Jiang had returned to the house, and Zhanyan came to check, but I don’t know why Madam Jiang kept searching for things.

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