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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 15 Recap

Wang Ziyang told Yu Wenli that Ding Kai withdrew from an important assessment without authorization, which made the company executives angry. During this voyage, as long as Ding Kai made a little mistake, the company would immediately suspend the contract. Ding Kai is one of the few Chinese senior seafarers on the Ocean, so in public and private, he hopes that Aunt Yu can be cautious of emotions and not let Ding Kai’s career end in this voyage.

Jia San complained to Chef Dika that he had diarrhea from the apple on the ship. After Dika asked carefully, he realized that Jia San’s real intention was to sell his own fruits. Yu Wenli on the other side called Tianyue, saying that since she can’t go anywhere now, she might as well take her around to see her son’s working environment. Tianyue was overjoyed and excitedly told Ding Kai the news immediately, and Ding Kai listened to it.

I was also very happy after I arrived. Later, Tianyue asked Alisha, the guest room manager, to take Yu Wenli to visit the cruise. Eliza said that all the equipment on the cruise ship was complete. They thought it was better than on land and planned to be at sea for a lifetime. After Yu Wenli came to Ding Kai’s dormitory, she asked Tianyue and Alyssa to work, and then she arranged all Ding Kai’s clothes and took them away.

After Ding Kai came back, he understood that his mother wanted to take him off the ship. He told her that seafarers were just ordinary jobs in her eyes, but it was his dream and the only link between him and his father, so he would not give up. After Ding Kai walked out of his mother’s room, he ran into Tianyue in the corridor. Tianyue was about to take credit. Ding Kai received a call and asked him to come to the bridge immediately. Before leaving, Ding Kai told Tianyue with a cold face that he would move after disembarking.

Olsen asked Alan about Ding Kai’s mother, and the two discussed whether Ding Kai’s mother could play a role during this voyage. It depends on Ding Kai’s luck. At this moment, Yu Wenli came to see Captain Drake and told him that for a mother, the child’s health and safety is the most important thing in her life. She asked the captain to dismiss Ding Kai after landing at the next port and ask him to go home with herself. , Because it’s too unsafe on board.

Drake told Yu Wenli that his daughter graduated from a prestigious school, but after she came to Darjeeling, she decided to stay there and not return. The place is like a temple in the mountains and forests, where her daughter teaches English to local students, and she is usually at odds. They contacted, only to send postcards back every few months, and later he understood her choice after seeing a clear letter from her daughter.

In the photo, she was surrounded by a group of children with a happy smile on her face. For the wife, as long as the children follow their heart and do what they like, they will be satisfied. He believed that Ding Kai must have his reason for staying on the ship, just like his daughter’s belonging to Darjeeling. Yu Wenli was unmoved. She told Drake that Ding Kai’s father died at sea. Drake said that it was the Blue Star ocean freighter in 2004.

Yu Wenli did not expect the captain to know about this. Drake told her, The case was investigated by myself for five years. Yu Wenli hopes that the captain can understand her heart as a mother. Drake also hopes that Yu Wenli can respect Ding Kai’s choice, because Ding Kai is very talented in sailing. Yu Wenli didn’t say more, she simply took out Ding Kai’s resignation letter and asked for Drake’s approval. Drake immediately refused, saying that Ding Kai must come in person.

Lai Shen accidentally rubbed the ice cream he bought on Su Mi. He accurately wiped the ice cream on Su Mi, which aroused her suspicion. In order to cover up, Lai Shen deliberately wiped the ice cream on her face. Su Mi helped Lai Shen to his room and asked curiously about the necklace he wore on his neck. Lai Shen told her that it was a royal carriage and was given to him by her father.

It was a symbol of family glory. Su Mi took off his Sunglasses, it was a pity with a smile, if it wasn’t for Laishan’s eyes problem, he must be a good actor. Then Sumi changed his clothes in front of the mirror. Lai Shen desperately suppressed his desire and told himself that he should take off his sunglasses and apologize to her, but he was about to speak. Sumi came over casually, and Lai Shen caught a glimpse of a fall from the sofa.

The title of this book is very negative. I think of the cut marks on Sumi’s wrist and the photo of her with Avril on the boat. Laishan judges that Sumi has signs of suicide and must report it to the captain immediately. But he couldn’t find the captain everywhere, so he had to find Avril Lavigne first. Avril Lavigne told Lai Shen that Sumi was the lead dancer here before herself. She had won many awards before, but after joining the group, everyone found that she did not seem to be a popular player, her temper was very strange, and many movements had a high error rate.

Everyone It’s strange how she can get these awards and still be the lead dancer at her level. Once Avril Lavigne and her colleague went to the locker room to look for something and saw their male boss in it. Then they followed the sound and found Sumi sitting next to the cabinet in a disheveled clothes. After this, Sumi left without saying goodbye. . Avril persuades Laishan not to have anything to do with Sumi.

The Ocean is about to dock at Pulai Island, but Pulai Island’s fishermen’s boats gathered in the port to force the government to reduce taxes. Chen Anni has already docked on the island. Captain Grant instructed: The principle of not delaying tourists’ itinerary as soon as possible To deal with it, Captain Drake arranged for Ding Kai to go to the island to assist Chen Anni with her work.

Lai Shen saw Fei Er in the corridor and ran away. He ran into Sumi midway. Sumi enthusiastically took Lai Shen to invite him to dinner. This scene was seen by Ding Kai who came over. Lai Shen quickly lied that he still had something to do. Slipped away. He was quickly stopped by Ding Kai. Ding Kai reminded Laishan to keep in mind the crew rules. If there is any deviant behavior, he will definitely be punished severely.

Lai Shen enlightened Sumi that life is like the sea, although there are turbulent waves, but in the end it will be sunny and sunny.

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