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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 14 Recap

David Fang invited He Cai’s mother and daughter to watch the performance at night. He said that David’s performance was uncharacteristically good. He divorced as early as three years ago, and now he has to pay a huge monthly maintenance fee. The house is also rented. The car must also have a loan. If you don’t have a bank account, you still dare to cheat? He Cai couldn’t listen, so she told her mother that it was not David who lied to her, but that she lied to her mother!

Tianyue wanted to make up for it, so she invited Chen Anni to have a meal and asked her to help herself find a way. After Chen Anni’s call, Tianyue understood that she had to let Mama Ding go on the boat to dispel her concerns. So Tianyue asked Manager Ma for the most luxurious VIP group, but the VIP group with the best conditions had been arranged, and Manager Ma assigned her a potential group, and said that if Tianyue can lead this group well, he will be a teacher. Up.

Mayfair’s mother, Alisha, is the guest room foreman. She recently forced her daughter to marry her and Laishan. Mayfair was miserable. Laishan was picking a ring in the mall. She was so scared to hide under the counter when she saw Ailisha coming over. Chasing marriage is terrible. Lai Shen then ran into a beautiful girl in a white skirt Su Mi when she got up in the hallway tying her shoelaces. The strap of Su Mi’s dress was knocked off. Seeing that the girl was about to have an attack, Lai Shen had an idea and pretended to be blind. , Sumi had no choice but to give up.

Annie Chen asked Uncle Zhu to help contact Yu Wenli and let her get on the cruise ship in the name of coordinating flowers. After Yu Wenli knew the truth, she was furious. She called the police that she had been kidnapped. At this time, the cruise ship departed from Hong Kong. To deal with it, Tianyue also helped persuade, but Yu Wenli was tough and asked to see the captain. Wang Ziyang temporarily agreed upon seeing this and took her away from the scene.

Afterwards, he gave Yu Wenli to Ding Kai. Ding Kai asked her mother to conduct fire drills in accordance with cruise ship regulations. But as soon as he opened the video, her mother was about to call the captain. Ding Kai had to lock her mother in the room and notify the security personnel. This tourist has a tendency to act aggressively, and no one is allowed to let her out without his permission.

Ding Kai called Tianyue and asked her mother why she got her passport without buying the ferry tickets. Tianyue had no choice but to tell the truth. Ding Kai accused her of making her own way. There should be boundaries in communication between people. Tianyue argued that people should help each other when getting along. She thought that Ding Kai was indifferent and enthusiastic, but now she finds herself wrong. People are gone, Ding Kai warned Tianyue not to interfere in his life from now on, and move after disembarking, don’t contact if there is anything, and write a letter if there is something to do. Tianyue jumped with anger.

Sumi couldn’t help crying when he saw the graceful dance of the dancers in the bar. After a while, Laishan came to the bar. After seeing Sumi, he immediately put on sunglasses and continued to pretend. Sumi walked over to say hello generously and clinked glasses to wish the two of them would meet each other. Lai Shen lied that he often travels on the Ocean, so he is very familiar with cruise ships. Sumi warmly invited Lai Shen to travel with him. After she left, Lai Shen took out the ring secretly, thanking the ring to bring him good luck and let him meet the most beautiful girl in the world. Later, Sumi helped Lai Shen to watch the sea on the deck. The witty Lai Shen told Sumi the story of a mermaid. He accidentally found the traces of the slashed wrist on Sumi’s wrist.

Tianyue sent her luggage to Yu Wenli and said to her that the cruise is very safe. Yu Wenli asked her if she was Ding Kai’s girlfriend. Tianyue denied it. Yu Wenli warned Tianyue not to take care of her own family affairs, otherwise she would turn her face immediately. Tianyue was about to leave, and the neighbor Jia San and his wife came. Together they persuaded Yu Wenli that she had paid more than 10,000 for this ticket. She was able to get on the boat to see her son. It’s a beautiful thing. There is no need to make everyone. Not happy. At this time, Tianyue received Chen Anni’s message and asked about the progress of the matter. After she learned the result, she told everything that was expected.

Tourist Liang Yingshan is an internet celebrity. She sneaked into the presidential suite live broadcast after buying a bag in the mall. She was bumped into by Eliza who was cleaning. After Eliza reported to the security office, Liang Yingshan was taken to the cashier of the mall as a thief, and the package was verified. It was indeed that she bought it. The security department apologized to Liang Yingshan, but Liang Yingshan refused to give up. Ding Kai rushed over after hearing the sound. Liang Yingshan saw the handsome Ding Kai and immediately expressed her understanding, but she wanted to take a photo with Ding Kai. Ding Kai was refreshed. accepted.

Wang Ziyang approached Yu Wenli and apologized for the incident that he had forcibly taken her away from the scene. Yu Wenli said coldly that was his duty. Wang Ziyang told her that Ding Kai also had his own duties. Although he was not Ding Kai’s lobbyist, he hoped. During this voyage, Aunt Yu should stop letting Ding Kai make mistakes.

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