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Hello Mr. Gu 原来你是这样的顾先生 Episode 3 Recap

Jiang Xiaochuan made breakfast, Gu Nanzhou Zhou Jianqing was speechless, Zhou Jianqing was very angry, and the two immediately froze at the dinner table, Zhou Jianqing was full, and Gu Nanzhou could not eat anymore. Zhou Jianqing didn’t catch the bus, so he had to ask Gu Nanzhou and Jiang Xiaochuan to take a look on their own. Gu Nanzhou originally ignored it.

Zhou Jianqing was very anxious because he had to go to class, and complained that Zhou Jianqing had tossed herself for the night last night, and Gu Nanzhou had no choice but to let her get in the bus. Zhou Jianqing did not return overnight, the roommate ran up again to gossip, Gu Nanzhou got out of the car in front of them to give Zhou Jianqing a package, and introduced himself as Zhou Jianqing’s fiancé. Zhou Jianqing was anxious to go to class, but Gu Nanzhou took her mobile phone and changed the remarks to her husband, and made a very intimate look for others.

Su Youxia quietly entered the classroom and asked Zhou Jianqing if she really wanted to marry Gu Nanzhou. Zhou Jianqing quickly explained the ins and outs, hoping that Su Youxia would never tell Zhou Zixuan. No matter how Zhou Zixuan threatened her, she couldn’t say anything. Su Youxia had to agree. Up. Zhang Yin heard that Zhou saw that Qingzhen was going to marry Gu Nanzhou and was sad, and Su Youxia was also unhappy.

Gu Nanzhou was still reluctant to attend the meeting and asked Jiang Xiaochuan to participate for him. Lu Ziming said that their shares had exceeded Gu Nanzhou’s shares, but Gu Nanzhou asked Jiang Xiaochuan to take out the power of attorney from the minority shareholders and said that Nebula would leave the Gu family Independent operation.

When Zhou Jianqing saw someone selling a book with a discount of 10%, he used his business acumen and asked the boss to give him a rebate to sell it at a discount of 50%. He didn’t expect to be driven away. Gu Nanzhou and Jiang Jingxuan met with the client together. The client said that he had a dinner in the evening. Gu Nanzhou kept receiving calls from Zhou Jianqing, saying that his fiancée needed to deal with something. Zhou Jianqing was sent to the police station for selling books, so Gu Nanzhou had to go to find people. Gu Nanzhou warned Zhou Jianqing again that he could not cause trouble to himself.

Gu Nanzhou sent Zhou Jianqing back to school and repeatedly told her not to set up a stall to destroy his image. Jiang Jingxuan is here, let Zhou Jianqing be careful next time and don’t worry about Gu Nanzhou again. Jiang Jingxuan said that they still need to arrange revisions, and Zhou Jianqing is still thinking about setting up a stall.

Jiang Jingxuan asked Gu Nanzhou if it was troublesome to take care of his little girlfriend, and even brought him porridge, but Gu Nanzhou didn’t eat it. Zhou Jianqing was warned by the teacher for promoting sales at school. Zhou Jianqing had to cry and sell miserably. He was about to graduate in two months. The teacher asked Zhou Jianqing and the school to apply to leave school early. After all, Zhou Jianqing’s creditor had already slipped into the school to pry the dormitory water pipe. Up.

When Zhou Jianqing heard the roommate’s comments, he blamed himself, and quickly packed up his things and moved away. Zhou Jianqing carried the suitcase alone and called Su Youxia to check in, but he didn’t expect that Su Youxia was not at home. Zhou Jianqing found that someone was stalking him very nervous, and hurriedly went to Gu Nanzhou’s house, but he didn’t expect the other party to follow him into the elevator. Gu Nanzhou never opened the door. Zhou Jianqing had to enter the password by himself. After entering, he found that the person was only living next door. Gu Nanzhou is not at home, he is on the way home to send Jiang Jingxuan, Zhou Jianqing’s meal card is still in the car, Jiang Jingxuan is a little bit disappointed with naked eyes.

After returning home, Gu Nanzhou thought that a thief was in the house, and quickly picked up the guy to call the police, but he didn’t expect that this person was Zhou Jianqing.

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