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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 6 Recap

The two rushed Xi Wang to the hospital. They regained consciousness and blamed Xi Bin for not taking good care of the child. They said that there was no problem, and they could be excreted by eating more vegetables, and there was no major problem. Wake up and return to the house, take out the toilet Xi Wang had when he was a child, to see if he pulled out the ring. Wake up and found that the computer was not plugged in at the time, and the design I made was not saved. Xi Bin helped to check it but was blamed by Wake. Wake felt that he had neither taken care of the child nor did his job well. Xi Wang and Xi Bin encourage awakening is the best.

When Su Xing came to the office early in the morning, Shen Zihao urged her to devise a design plan and hand over her design ideas to Su Xing so that she could refer to it and show that everyone was working together. Shen Xiaoyan successfully applied for a rider, and wants to take a part-time job at night to deliver food, ask the store manager to help adjust the day shift.

Su Xing brought Xi Wang to the company again, and Xi Wang only wanted to play with Shen Zihao. Shen Zihao changed his lollipop to Xi Wang, but he was not allowed to eat. Wake up wants Xiwang to pull the smelly smell as soon as possible, and pull the ring out. Boss Mo also came to urge the resuscitation plan, thinking that Shen Zihao had already given the plan, so that it is better to wake up more than less. Xiwang wanted to pull the stinky smell, but couldn’t pull it out, and when he woke up, he was not allowed to leave his sight. But Xiwang couldn’t sit still, which affected his recovery work. Shen Zihao came to make a relief, folded the dinosaur paper to attract ridicule, so that he could work with peace of mind.

Lin Yunyun asked her teacher to upgrade Crescent’s class, but the teacher said that Crescent had shortcomings and lacked logical thinking. But Lin Yunyun disagrees, thinking that the comprehensive test of the new moon must be no problem, and it cannot be discriminated between men and women. The new moon is definitely the best.

Xi Bin came to the company to take a look, and when he woke up, he would continue to work. Siyuan is still very naughty at home and messes up the house. After Jiang Bo saw it, let Siyuan be obedient, otherwise he would be beaten. When He Jinghua returned home, he was very angry when he saw Siyuan folded the workbook into a paper airplane. Unexpectedly, Zi Ning did not go to the cram school. He Jinghua felt that there was a situation, because recently Zi Ning always called secretly and secretly, worried that she would be in touch with men in society.

He Jinghua gave Zi Ning the review materials and asked her who she was in contact with, and discussed with her that after Zi Ning went home every day, he would teach Siyuan the addition and subtraction within 20. Zi Ning thought she was brought up by her grandmother when she was a child. She was a bit rebellious and didn’t want to listen to He Jinghua’s words and drove her out of the room. Siyuan hid in his small tent and didn’t want to study. He Jinghua even coaxed him to use KFC to lure Siyuan, so that Siyuan should always stick to Zining and not fail the mission. Jiang Bo realized that He Jinghua’s purpose was to make Siyuan insist on Zining. He Jinghua didn’t know what to do, because Zining oil and salt did not come in, Jiang Bo didn’t agree with this approach.

Xi Bin played with Xi Wang, and Uncle Zou came to play at their house and brought Kaisailu. Gu Jiawei accused Lin Yunyun of not making money and reducing expenditures, and of having a fine tradition of character. Lin Yunyun said that for the health of her family, it is best not to eat overnight dishes. Xinyue hurriedly showed Gu Jiawei, saying that he was very good at writing questions. Gu Jiawei inspected it face to face. Xinyue was fluent in recitation of ancient poems, but he did not answer the math problems. Gu Jiawei said it over and kept reminding Xinyue. Take the first place in the exam.

Su Xing braved the heavy rain to come to Gu Jiawei, wanting to explain the design draft to him. Gu Jiawei said that he had given a deadline, but it was overtime to wake up. Su Xing explained that the design pile is like a child to himself, because something has gone wrong. Lin Yunyun knew about Xiwang swallowing the ring, and thought that children should not be handed over to men. Gu Jiawei asked Wake how to balance the two children, Wake up to let him not discriminate against women’s rights. Gu Jiawei was angry, thinking that he shouldn’t be so hard when he wakes up.

Xi Wang was eating this ice cream at home, and when he saw that he came back, he quickly took a towel and wiped it with her. Xi Bin told Su Xing that he tried many ways today and finally made Xi Wang pull out the ring. After hearing the explanation, Su Xing accused Xi Bin of messing around, and would be annoyed if the indiscriminate eating caused gastroenteritis. Xi Bin said that if you wake up with work difficulties, you can go home and find support.

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