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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 17 Recap

Hearing Hank’s accent, Uncle Ge Wen knew that he was not from Zal Island. Coupled with the fact that he had accidentally seen a new wound on Lan Tina’s feet before, he even thought that Hank’s identity must not be simple. Qiao Xiangwan went to Ann Wanhao and asked him to help him obtain the license for the New Medicine Center from the Department of Health, but Ann Wanhao Lions spoke up and increased the shares to 30%. Qiao Xiangwan hesitated and did not directly agree, saying yes. Go back to discuss. Joe Xiangwan turned to mention the medical accident in the Friendly Hospital. Ann Haohao didn’t know it. He called Roy, and Roy only said that the incident had nothing to do with him.

Qiao Xiangwan knew that Huo Xiang was not easy, maybe he was waiting for a chance to act. Qiao Xiangwan waited for them to quarrel. After Ann Hawhao was overthrown, Qiao Xiangwan was harmless to him. Joe Xiangwan intends to add fire to this matter and report to the governor that the State Police Department is suspected of embezzlement and trafficking in the identity of the dead. John, who has a dual identity, was sent to the Friendly Hospital to find out. He felt that it was a better way to be a suitor of Zhou Yue. Li Tiancheng was jealous and refused to agree, but Zhou Yue agreed to stay with him. Huo Xiang called Zhou Yue and talked about it roughly. Zhou Yue shook hands with John and looked forward to a happy cooperation with each other.

When John reached out to Li Tiancheng, Li Tiancheng ignored him awkwardly. In this way, John stayed in the hospital temporarily, and he paid close attention to Hank’s movements. Ye Hong and Liao Yu both discovered the existence of John, and they thought whether Zhou Yue was hiding something from everyone. Ye Hong even guessed that Zhou Yue wanted to use John to stimulate Li Tiancheng. Wu Xin thought that Zhou Yue was really like this, and couldn’t help but persuade her to make Zhou Yue feel miserable. John quickly became familiar with the patients and doctors in the hospital, which made Li Tiancheng very unhappy. Li Tiancheng told Zhou Yue that the eyeliner placed by An Hao Hao had been exposed, but they still didn’t know it.

Zhou Yue also learned from Huo Xiang that the governor had sent someone to secretly investigate the epidemic. Huo Xiang also reminded her that the friendly hospital’s goal is too big to come forward. Zhou Yue made a temporary visit, and Li Tiancheng left the hospital with her. Hanke started to make trouble in the hospital. After Qiao Yuqian stopped him, he was kidnapped by him with a knife. Uncle Wen wanted to come forward to rescue but was accidentally injured. Liao Yu rescued her immediately when he saw it, and then John rushed over, but he didn’t expect to let him run away. Uncle Ge Wen was frightened and called Roy to ask him who Hank was. Roy did not say, but Uncle Ge Wen probably guessed that Hank was a pirate.

Liao Yu cared about Qiao Yuqian, which made her overjoyed, but Liao Yu praised her for fighting hard, and made Qiao Yuqian worry that he was not enough to be a lady, and her mood was up and down. After Li Tiancheng came back, John showed him Hank’s switchblade. He said that there are only two people on Zal Island who would use this kind of knife, one is the military and the other is a pirate. John, who had played against Hank, found that he was very good. Obviously Hank was a dangerous person. Since Hank had a false identity, it was just a fight in the hospital, and it is impossible for the police to want him. John wants to use Lan Tina as a bait to catch Hank.

Li Tiancheng was worried that the patients in the hospital would be in danger. He disagreed with this proposal. John proposed to transfer Lan Tina again, which made Li Tiancheng very entangled. The pregnant woman Lan Song’s child suffers from twin transfusion syndrome. Zhou Yue talked to her husband alone. Her suggestion was to have a caesarean section immediately. Although Lan Song’s husband was reluctant, he chose to trust Zhou Yue in the end of the operation consent form.

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