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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 15 Recap

Ye Hong taught Wang Xiaocong a lesson, but Wang Xiaocong thought that it was not entirely his fault, so he contradicted Ye Hong a few words. After Ye Hong slapped him lightly, Wang Xiaocong clutched his stomach and shouted that it hurt. Sister Hong helped him to drink hot water. She found that Wang Xiaocong had a hot temper recently and suggested that he take a comprehensive physical examination.

After all, his father and mother asked her to take care of Wang Xiaocong. Afterwards, Wang Xiaocong immediately sent a message to his father, telling him to leave him alone. Ye Hong knew from Wang Xiaocong that Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng had an unusual relationship, so he just found the opportunity to ask her. Zhou Yue explained that he also asked Liao Yu to prove it for herself, but Ye Hong still felt that Zhou Yue liked Li Tiancheng.

Ye Hong bitterly persuaded Zhou Yue to find an honest and reliable person instead of looking for a prodigal son like Li Tiancheng. Liao Yu interrupted and said that Li Tiancheng’s attitude towards her recently was obviously interesting to her. Zhou Yue had no choice but to say that she had remembered what she said. After Ye Hong left, Liao Yu glanced at Zhou Yue, feeling quite annoyed. Li Tiancheng asked Zhou Yue why she rejected herself.

She honestly said that she was a timid person, not the same person as him. Zhou Yue described his love relationship as a game of eating chickens. They are not suitable for aiming one by one. Li Tiancheng and Liang Kaili went for a drink, and she found that he still remembered his hobbies.

Zhou Yue looked at the friends circle of college friends and found that she was actually married, so she found a good place to call her. The classmates were a little guilty. After all, she got married after leaving Zhou Yue. Zhou Yue blessed her, and at the same time thought that she was not married yet, she couldn’t help feeling a little sad. Li Tiancheng sent Liang Kaili and Qiao Xiangwan back. Liang Kaili still had a good impression of Li Tiancheng.

She ignored Qiao Xiangwan, who was drunk in the car, and hugged Li Tiancheng outside the car. Zhou Yue just saw it and felt a little sad, after all, Li Tiancheng had just confessed to him not long ago. Liao Yu ran at night, saw Zhou Yue hiding in the corner, and asked her what was wrong, but she didn’t say anything. Zhou Yue went to the beach to run alone at night like a muffled gourd. Liao Yu saw her figure with obvious concern in his eyes.

At work the next day, Liao Yu gave Li Tiancheng the wire that was bitten by the mouse, and asked him how he felt about Zhou Yue. Li Tiancheng felt baffled, and Liao Yu warned him not to provoke her if he doesn’t want to get along with Zhou Yue steadily for a long time. Zhou Yue and Huo Xiang talked on the phone. Huo Xiang said that this matter might involve corruption within the State Department of Health and the Police Department. He reminded that unimaginable emergencies might happen afterwards. Once an accident occurs, he will give full power to Zhou Yue. deal with.

A female patient suffered from postoperative delusions and regarded Liao Yu as her fiancé, holding Liao Yu and refusing to let go. Later, Zhou Yue helped, and the patient’s fiance also came, and the patient Lan Tina gave up. Li Tiancheng held a wire that was said to have been damaged by a mouse. He said that it was not like a hole bitten by a mouse. For comparison, he bit out a trace by himself.

Zhou Yuelai told Li Tiancheng about what Huo Xiang had said, and she left after speaking. Li Tiancheng caught up with her and drove her out to play. The two were chatting on the beach, Zhou Yue finally said the reason why he did not dare to ride a motorcycle, Li Tiancheng did not expect this reason to be so simple. Li Tiancheng hoped that Zhou Yue could get to know him better. Zhou Yue turned to ask why he would not stay in one place for too long. Li Tiancheng told the truth about his family situation. Zhou Yue asked him if he still liked Kelly Leung, but Li Tiancheng denied it. Facing the ardent pursuit of handsome Li Tiancheng, Zhou Yue did not push him away.

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