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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 26 Recap

Fang Xiaoyu returned to the apartment and wanted to find Murphy, only then learned from Meng Jing that Murphy had returned home a few days ago. This time Morphy left without saying goodbye, let Fang Xiaoyu feel more deeply that Morphy was determined to keep a distance from him.

Fang Xiaoyu opened the door in despair, and found that Fang Qian was already at home with the key under the doormat. This was what the younger sister knew about her brother. Fang Qian wants to return to China, and Fang Xiaoyu will naturally accompany him back to her home in China. It’s just that in the mind of returning home, is there any reason for Murphy?

Sitting on the plane returning to China, Fang Xiaoyu drew while painting, and it was all Murphy who wanted to draw a clear line from him, and Murphy confessed how he cared about Tang Mingxuan. For a while, Fang Xiaoyu wanted to drink, which surprised Fang Qian. In memory, Fang Qian remembered that Fang Xiaoyu never drank high alcohol.

Mo Fan kept concealing the fact that Morphy had come back. During the date with Lu Zhu, he almost missed it. Fortunately, Lu Zhu was always suggesting that he liked Mo Fan. He didn’t care too much. On the contrary, Mo Fan didn’t feel that Lu Zhu liked him at all.

Mingyuan has recently fallen into a crisis and its stock has been in a downturn. The acquisition of SLC, including the release of Songtang’s new products, will be an important move to determine whether Mingyuan can recover.

Mo Fei came to Tang Mingxuan’s office and gave him a big surprise, but the surprise fell in Xia Xueling’s eyes, and he was so angry that he didn’t even want to attend the meeting. Everyone in the company knows that Cheng Yang invited Mo Fei to be his assistant, and Shen Jiaxi included all of this was determined by Tang Mingxuan’s secret arrangement.

Tang Mingxuan felt a little inexplicable in the face of Xia Xueling’s public and private quality control. After inquiring, he realized that Cheng Yang had invited Mo Fei into Mingyuan and became his design assistant. Murphy secretly hid behind Tang Mingxuan’s car. She wanted to surprise the other party again, but saw that Tang Mingxuan’s face was deep, and she was obviously disgusted with this matter.

Murphy originally wanted to work in Mingyuan first and gave Tang Mingxuan a surprise. She didn’t realize that this would break the company’s regulations. Murphy blamed himself a little, and even wanted to refuse Cheng Yang’s invitation, but Tang Mingxuan was still soft-hearted after all and promised to find a way to solve the problem. Tang Mingxuan had already sent Murphy to the door of the house. Seeing her blaming herself and angry, she suddenly wanted to be alone with her all night.

Xia Xueling warned Murphy separately, hoping that she could retire on her own, but it was a pity that Murphy was only a temporary worker after all, and she didn’t think this would have much impact. Shen Jiaxi saw the quarrel between the two in his eyes, and immediately caught up with Xia Xueling, saying ill of Morphy in front of her to please Xia Xueling. A person who can speak ill of his girlfriend behind others, Xia Xueling will naturally not be attracted.

Tang Mingxuan drove through a familiar street as usual. A mobile ice cream shop on the side of the road is the memory of him and Fang Qian. Next to the ice cream shop, a familiar figure caught Tang Mingxuan’s attention, and even got out of the car despite the danger. The passing vehicles blocked Tang Mingxuan’s urge to chase him. After calming down, he also felt that he might have misunderstood the person.

This person is Fang Qian who has returned to China. She specially asked Fang Xiaoyu to accompany her home. After three years away from home, she experienced all kinds of difficult days before she realized the beauty of the family. Fang Qian still intends to return to the organization without borders. Compared with the people of Africa, she feels that everything she has is hypocritical.

Before going back, Fang Qian wanted to see Tang Mingxuan again to see if he was doing well. At the beginning, it was because of Tang Mingxuan that Fang Qian had an emotional breakdown and left. Fang Xiaoyu did not dare to gamble again. He was unwilling to face the self-blame and pain before and resolutely refused to let Fang Qian contact Tang Mingxuan.

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